Life is but a Beach!


Life is but a beach! Just kidding, but it could be more relaxing and fun! More people are dropping out of the competition of being busy and focusing on bringing fun and fulfillment into their lives. Are you one of them? If not, what’s holding you back?

Three years ago, I quit my corporate job and began the scary yet exhilarating journey of following my passion. There was a lot of doubt, fear, and pressure. I didn’t just quit one day. I planned it for six months so we could be in the financial position to live off of one income for a little while. I didn’t become a millionaire overnight (nor have I yet) but I did start to build my fortune on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. I started by investing in my mental health to recover from depression and was able to allow myself to explore my passions and interests.

Three and a half years later, I’m so grateful that my husband and family were so supportive of me. I had talked myself out of taking the leap for years. Honestly, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do, I just knew I hated what I was doing and the life I was living. By pursuing my interests, following my gut, and taking the time to connect with myself I was able to find my purpose. It didn’t happen in one go. In fact, it took a few false starts, starting a business and closing it within six months, trying to sell crafts that I ended up giving away, and following my curiosity until I found a career path that I could turn into my business. My life today is drastically different than it was when I quit corporate America just over three years ago. I’m not where I want to be, but then again I don’t think I ever will be. Every time I get a step closer to my dream, I paint a bigger picture and have more to look forward to. What I can say is I spend more time doing things I enjoy (like making fairy beach houses pictured above). I’m finally doing work that fulfills me as a self-love coach and I’m able to spend quality time with my daughters.

Share in the comments what a life of passion and purpose looks like for you whether you’re loving it, yearning for it, or working your way there!


17 Replies to “Life is but a Beach!”

    1. I didn’t even know where to look before! While it took me breaking down to get to that point, I’m so glad that I did because I’ve been able to build a life I wasn’t even capable of dreaming of! Wishing you all that you need to live a life of passion and purpose ❤

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  1. I always love to hear about your inspirational story, Niki! I was thinking about you the other day. My sister works in the tech department of a large company and is super stressed all the time, has had depression. She was SO excited when I talked to her last weekend because she’s going into a one year training to be a health coach. It’s perfect for her personality and background. Reminded me a bit of your journey. So nice to be working toward something you find fulfilling. 😊

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    1. Awww thank you Jenny. How exciting for your sister! I can only imagine the fire that’s ignited within her! I look forward to hearing about her journey. It sounds very similar to my own. Wishing her all that she needs to support her on the adventure ahead 💖 Happy to hear from you, Jenny 💖💖

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      1. Thank you Niki! It’s nice to see my sister so happy… and even though she’s not going to leave her job (not yet anyway), she’s happy she’s being productive toward making a change. xx


    1. Agreed! I always encourage people to define success and happiness because it looks different for everyone. A lot of times we want to be happy but don’t know exactly what it means. May you have all that you need to follow that path ❤

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