Kindness Challenge | Reflection Posts

Attention Kindness Challenge participants

I just wanted to let you know that I’m just now getting to the reflection posts for the last couple of weeks of the challenge. I had a lot to juggle and the kind choice was not to put too much pressure on myself to get everything done. Reading and commenting on your reflections was put on pause until I could give them the time and attention they deserved. I’ll be getting to them this week, I just wanted to let you know as a group instead of leaving an explanation in dozens of individual comments. Thank you for your participation, open hearts, and for joining me in this challenge another year. Sending you lots of love!

If you didn’t participate when the challenge was being hosted live, you can always start at any point by following the prompts here. 

9 Replies to “Kindness Challenge | Reflection Posts”

    1. I’ve had such a wonderful time reading the reflections. The last two weeks of the challenge I had too much on my plate but I’m enjoying going back and reading them now. I’m good and you?


      1. I look forward to you jumping in. The conversation is always open since it’s online so don’t beat yourself up or worry about being behind. The book is actually really good and the weekly reading units have taken less than 5 minutes to read so far 😉


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