Discussing Privilege

I love opening up the conversation about things that may be uncomfortable but through the conversations we have can help change our perspective and inspire solutions. I love how the presenter of this talk approaches the subject of privilege and challenges people to use it to help others. 

What privileges do you have that you’ve overlooked? How can you help others benefit by sharing your privilege? How will you no longer let the privileges you don’t have limit you? I’d love to hear what you thought of this video, feel free to share in the comments. 

11 Replies to “Discussing Privilege”

  1. I love this gentle reminder to never just dismiss the privileges you have. It opens the door for anyone who has had any opportunities afforded to them to be the change agent this world desperately needs right now! I like the way she spoke on the difficulty of acknowledging that you have privilege.

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  2. In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    I don’t agree with everything Ms Jana said, but then I don’t agree with everything anyone says. If you are, or are trying to be, a kind decent person there are some wise words from both of these folks to adhere to.

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    1. And that’s ok, we don’t have to agree with everything. I thought it was worth sharing and opening the conversation. She raised some valid points and got me to thinking of the priviledges I’ve overlooked in my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. ❤


  3. I wasn’t able to watch this video since I’m sitting in class right now (privileged?) But just yesterday I saw a Ted talk and the man said: Privilege is invisible to those who have it.

    And I thing it is personally true. We have internet, jobs, food. It sounds so obvious. But I just recently read a blog from a man from Africa where internet is very very expensive. Even though he can open a free WordPress blog, he still needs to pay so much for his internet that it is his most expensive hobby.

    For me it was an eye opener today.
    I personally take internet for granted.

    Just writing this comment to you now, is a privilege in my opinion 🙂

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    1. Amazing when you think about it right? It’s easier to see the advantages and privileges that others have not realizing that each one of us has it to a certain degree. Some might have more than others but learning to be grateful for the privilege we have and helping others is important.

      I’m grateful for the privilege to respond back ❤

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