My Kindness Role Models

It didn’t take very long for me to list the people who inspire me to be more kind. While I consider myself a kind person, there’s always room for more! The people I’ve chosen each inspire a different form of kindness in my life.

 Toddler.jpgMy spunky toddler is one of my kindness role models. She is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. Whenever she hears a baby cry when we’re out and about, she’ll stop and try to figure out where the cries are coming from. Her brows furrow and she’ll say “awwww baby cry Mom”. If she can find the baby, she’ll go up to them and try to make them laugh, give them a hug, a kiss, or tell them “it’s ok baby, no cry!”.  It makes me smile every time. She reminds me how important it is to care for others, stand up for them, and be there for them even if their struggle doesn’t personally affect me.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgMy oldest who is one of the kindest people I know. She’s always concerned about how others will feel. She looks after other kids on the playground, speaks up for people, and always sees the best in people. She reminds me of the importance of being kind to others especially when it’s hard. She inspires me to stand up for those who need support and awareness drawn to their difficulties. She reminds me that contrary to what’s portrayed in the media, there are plenty of good people doing good things in the world. She makes me want to be one of those people and help others in any way I can, especially those who are going through a hard time, need a second chance, or just need someone to believe in them.

Mom.jpgMy mom who has shown me by example what it means to live a kind life my whole life. Growing up she taught me the importance of being involved in the community and how it’s up to each of us to help other people out. She’s incredibly kind-hearted! Whether she’s giving an encouraging word or supporting those around her, everything she does she does so with love. She’s the person who taught me that your actions speak louder than your words. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful example of a woman and mother in my life.

full-9My grandma! Speaking of kind-hearted people, I’ve never met someone as kind to the bone as my grandma! She’s always has something nice to say, always sees the best even in bleakest of situations, and always finding little ways to help. She reminds me to never let your heart harden. She’s gone through very difficult times yet hasn’t let that change her perspective of people or the world in general. She’s nice to everyone she meets and brightens up the room with her kind nature.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life who inspire kindness in their own ways. Other people who inspire me to be kind although I’ve never met them in person include:

  • Alicia Keys- I find her human rights activism to be incredibly kind. Fighting for issues that others face that don’t affect you is a reflection of the kindness in her heart.
  • George Takei- As a follower of his on social media, I’m always impressed with the things he shares. He’s constantly posting things that raise awareness on issues facing people across the world. I can’t help but think what a compassionate he must be.
  • Ellen DeGeneres- Not only does she end her show with her tagline “be kind to one another!” but she seems like a such a kind person! She brings fun and laughter into the world without it being at the expense of others. For some reason, it seems like a lesson for an anti-bully campaign.
  • Oprah- For someone so financially established, it would certainly be easy to retreat into one of her many homes and shut out the world around her. Yet Oprah is a person who gives to causes, raises awareness, and is actively contributing to make the world a better place. She reminds me that the responsibility doesn’t lie with any one person to make things better. It’s up to each of us to make kind choices that will be felt by the world around us.

Please remember this is my personal reflection for week 4 of The Kindness Challenge. If you aren’t on week 4, you can find the link to the week you’re on here. Please be sure to link your week 4 reflection here. I encourage you to share your reflection so that other participants can accompany you on the journey and your followers can be inspired. You never know whose role model you are ❤










27 Replies to “My Kindness Role Models”

  1. Hi, Just reading your list makes me feel good all over. Humans are evolving so many children are on the planet more aware of others couple that with the adults in your children’s lives we are looking at Kindness Ambassadors…Have a good weekend.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Julia. I love how kids are so kind and caring by nature. It’s not until they get older to they learn to go against their nature. The more Kindness Ambassadors the better. Have a great weekend as well! ❤

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  2. I love how your children are role models. I think that’s true of children. They love and react without any previous prejudices. It’s honest in a beautiful way. I like the celebrities you chose also. I also thought of Alicia Keys. I like her whole “no makeup” movement because it’s a way of self acceptance and showing to others that natural beauty is wonderful. That’s really brave to do on such a public forum!

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    1. Kids are wonderful role models! Yes! I loved her courage to step out with no make up. I didn’t start wearing makeup until my early twenties due to hormone imbalance issues. I only wore it for a few years because I started to feel insecure when I didn’t wear it and didn’t feel like myself without it. I’m natural hair and makeup free 95% of the time. For her to be such a recognized person and work in an industry that worships beauty, her self-acceptance and inspiration is incredibly empowering! ❤

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    1. It’s so funny because when I finished writing, I noticed that they were all female role models. I didn’t intentionally seclude men from my list but I was very excited to read that you intentionally highlighted men in yours!

      Thank you so much, they are such wonderful people. Very grateful to be their mom ❤


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