GUEST POST|Simple Ways You And Your Family Can STOP And Let Go Of Stress

This is a guest post written by Eileen Burns.


Do you struggle to switch off and relax? I mean really relax without the urge to just switch on the tv or your iPad as a distraction. Struggling to switch off, isn’t just an adult problem, sadly it is now very much a child and teenage problem as well. Constant over stimulation from unhealthy thinking and poor lifestyle and behavior patterns are playing havoc with a large majority of the world’s population.  Many think it’s just the way life is. They don’t realize or recognize with simple lifestyle changes how much easier life can be.

I’ve spent over 16 years teaching all sorts of ages and walks of life how to make simple changes to their lifestyle to reduce stress. Most were very surprised how simple changes have such profound effects on one’s life.

Here are four of the most powerful ways you and your family can start to let go of stress and learn how to switch off, relax and sleep deeply-

  1. STOP!: Yes, learn to stop. Consciously stopping several times throughout your day and simply be. So many people today especially women get caught up in the distorted belief and unhealthy habit that they have to do, do, do… Many believing it’s a badge of honor being able to juggle so many things at one time. This is so unnatural on so many levels- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we actually consciously stop to be, we are not just helping our mind, body and emotions switch off, we are bringing one’s self back to its natural state of being and back to its own inner navigation system. From this place, we can make far happier and healthier choices because we are coming from a deep state of calm, peace and clarity, not fear, distress or confusion. A simple way to help remember to stop is to use notes around the house, car, garage, work, or using your phone to set up reminders to stop.
  2. Be Aware: In these conscious moments of stopping become aware of where your thoughts have been taking you. We waste so much mental energy focusing on the future or worrying about the past. We are rarely here in the here and now, the only place you are supposed to be here, right now. When you are not in the present moment your energy and emotions are scattered everywhere, no wonder you are so exhausted! You’re ungrounded, unbalanced and not fully aware what is happening right now. You fail to see the clarity and wisdom of each presenting moment. When you have total awareness in the moment, everything gets so much easier as you gain greater clarity. You are present enough to notice solutions and opportunities and don’t get caught up in the drama. You exude your natural traits and a natural calm and peace that most people are automatically attracted to, especially your kids and partner. Life just gets far easier and softer.
  3. Learn To Meditate: Teach your children how to meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to be boring, crazy or long. There are very simple and effective ways to meditate that you can even teach your kids. One way is to teach everyone in the family to observe their breath. Teach them to be a simple witness to the way their breath enters through the inhale and leaves out through the exhale. Remind them of the importance of being a simple observer and allowing things to flow. Helping them become aware of the importance of letting go.
  4. Letting Go: Learning to let go of control. Life gets so much easier when you loosen off that tight grip. Things actually start to unfold as they’re meant to. We allow room for so many more blessings, opportunities, and magic than we could possibly imagine. Too often, we get so caught up in making things fit. Making things go according to plan. This comes from a place of fear of failure and resistance. Write a list of the typical daily and life situations you try to control. Each week choose one thing you’re going to let loose a bit and see how it feels to let go. If this is something you struggle with, imagine handing over the control, reigns, or worries to God, your angels, the Universe, your intuition, inner knowing, or something you feel comfortable with.


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This post was written by Eileen Burns, a stress management expert. Head over to her blog to connect with her and see what other tips you can find there. She currently has a free meditation available for new subscribers so be sure to sign up if that’s something you’re interested in.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Eileen! Wishing you all you need to support you on your journey to a reduced stress lifestyle! Thank you, Eileen, for sharing!

Sending you all lots of love! ❤


What tip did you find most useful? Do you have any healthy stress management tips? Feel free to share in the comments. 

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