Oak Meadow here we come!

I was recently considering enrolling my daughter in a local Waldorf school. I absolutely loved everything about it but after weighing the pros and cons, it’s not going to work for our family at this time. Instead, I’ve decided to utilize a Waldorf inspired curriculum to homeschool this year. I’m very excited about it! I previously used K12 which worked well for me at the time. My daughter was in 1st grade when we used K12 and homeschooling for the first time while I was pregnant made this an easy option. They have a great virtual program but it’s 95% computer based. I want a more hands-on fun approach to homeschooling.

This year I’m opting for the Oak Meadow curriculum. It’s a Waldorf inspired course that leaves it up to the parents to implement the way that works best for their family. As a work from home mom, this is an ideal option for me! I’m opting for the curriculum only instead of enrollment. I don’t have time to research and create lessons. So this saves me that time while allowing me the flexibility and freedom to get ideas on how to implement it. The curriculum will be sent to me so I can make sure we have lessons structured for the week and the school year as a whole. I know my daughter’s learning style and interests, so I’ll find ways to make the curriculum fun! The only research I’ll have to do is gathering ideas from Pinterest for projects related to the weekly lessons.

I’ve already started organizing and planning the school year. I’m using my Google Calendar for scheduling purposes. My daughter told me she prefers to focus on two subjects a day instead of 5. We’ll start each day off with some morning yoga and meditation before breakfast. Then we’ll go outside for the rest of our school day. Circle time will consist of an opening phrase, songs, stories, tending to our fairy garden, setting out our weather gnomes, and setting our intention for the day. Each day our intention will center around how we plan to show up for the day in relation to the chakra of the day. Inspired by Waldorf methods, each day has its own color which I’ve chosen based on the chakra colors. So our circle time and focus will be around clearing, balancing, and bringing the element of that chakra into our lives.

2017-2018 calendar.png

Am I the only one that gets excited about seeing things this organized? 

I tried to break up the days so that the subjects she doesn’t enjoy as much or struggles with are paired with something she loves. This is a tentative schedule that we’ll play with and adjust as needed but I think it’s a good foundation to start with. I’ve also created a spreadsheet so I can keep notes on her progress in each subject. Having two of my biggest organization tools ready to go for next school year will make it that much easier to transition from summer fun into our school year schedule.

I’ve just ordered the Oak Meadow 4th-grade course which should arrive this week and am really excited to get it! I’ll have to do an unboxing video because the nerd in me can’t resist! I’ve read some great reviews and testimonials about Oak Meadows in general as well as the 4th-grade course specifically. In the meantime, I’m planning the summer projects we’re going to do including a book report which I’ll blog about later this summer. I’ll be using a study guide written by a fellow blogger to implement with a book I remember having a huge impact on me as a child, Number the Stars. Another summer book we’ll be reading is my childhood favorite The Giver. We’ll also start making our weather gnomes, getting our fairy garden together, and do some experiments.

It will be interesting to teach my 4th grader with her little 2-year-old sister who’s more interested in being part of the conversation and activities than this time last year. I’ll find ways for her to learn at her developmental level based on what I’m teaching her sister. I think she’s going to love it just as much as her sister! I’ll keep you posted on our journey and share photos of our indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Honestly, I enjoy homeschooling just as much as the girls and I have a feeling this Waldorf inspired approach will be perfect for us! I already see everyday things like mealtime, shopping, and life experiences as chances to learn so having a curriculum that understands that is a great fit!

Have you ever heard of or considered using Oak Meadow? What’s your favorite thing about homeschooling? If you don’t homeschool, what are everyday opportunities you use to teach your kids? Feel free to share in the comments!

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14 Replies to “Oak Meadow here we come!”

  1. Love your post!

    I won’t be homeschooling my 3 year old. He was accepted in the Montessori magnet Pre-K program. The classes are grouped Pre-K to K, so my 3 year old’s consists of 3,4, and 5 year olds. I am currently an assistant principal in the same county but the school he will be attending follows Montessori not our district curriculum. I was a math teacher and math coach and I am always studying research abroad regarding math skills and strategies which will strengthen his math foundation. My sister is a reading coach so she brings the latest skills and strategies which embed language, speech, and writing. Reading to him everyday, writing everyday, math everyday, science, and social studies. During the weekend, we do little snippets as teachable moments because he is only 3. He is now to the point where he says “it’s homework time” and he wants to learn not realizing he is learning everyday with his own explorations and our explanations and discussions.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Glad you found a great fit for your family! I love that you like to explore and understand what other methods are being used around the world! How nice that your son enjoys learning! Makes it so much easier to get through school that way ❤

      My oldest is Dyslexic and struggled with letters from the moment they were introduced in preschool. With the Waldorf method, letters aren't introduced until much later (around 6). I think this will work out better for my little soon to be 3-year-old because it will be concepts she can understand more easily at a more developmentally ready stage. In the meantime, the teaching is more focused on learning through stories and play. I'll continue to read to her and have her around books and letters without the pressure of learning about the letters themselves.

      Thanks for stopping by! ❤

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    1. I’m so incredibly excited to read it with my daughter!! That book awakened something within me. I had never read a book that let my imagination fill in the blanks and try to figure out what was happening. That book sparked my love for reading.

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      1. Yes! We started listening to the audio version a couple of years ago but she wasn’t interested in it. She did understand the concept of it and was able to predict what was going to happen in a key part of the book that I wasn’t able to foresee at an older age when I first read it!

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  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start. What a wonderful journey ahead for all of you… yoga, fairy gardens, thinking outside of the box… I must say it sounds like something I would’ve loved to do growing up. What a fun way to learn!

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