Sleep, Dreams & Technology

Years ago, I identified I needed a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to function at my best (when I say a minimum of 8 I really mean I feel awesome with 9 or 10). While getting the amount of sleep my body requires isn’t an issue for me, I thought this video might be helpful for those that do struggle with it. There are so many aspects of sleep discussed in this video from societal norms to the science behind sleep and the importance of dreaming. I encourage you to bookmark this and come back to it when you can watch the video because it has lots of great information and information to reflect on.

One of the things that spoke to me the most was around the 25-minute mark. Ariana and Chase discuss the relationship between people and technology. She uses a great analogy about self-care that can be applied beyond sleep.

Right now we take better care of our smartphones than we take care of ourselves. 

-Ariana Huffington

Do you care for yourself as well as your phone? Do you ensure to regularly charge your batteries so you can start each day running at 100%? What part of the video spoke to you most? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and if you found this useful. Feel free to share in the comments! I hope this has encouraged you to take good care of yourself ❤ 

8 Replies to “Sleep, Dreams & Technology”

  1. I will bookmark this post to watch the video later. It took me quite some time to hit the sack this week. Sleep matters a lot to be productive and efficient. I think in the rush of life, we are in the wrong, not giving time to our body and mental state. Got a new phone yesterday and was lying on bed like a child with a new toy. Guess, that’s what eluded my sleep. We need to cut off from technology. How true!

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  2. I am happy to hear you’re getting enough sleep, Beautiful Girl, and good for you!
    I do the very same thing! It is sad that so many people cheat themselves out of proper sleep because
    of silly things such as television!

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  3. Great post! I need a lot of sleep to function, and I think that technology has a big impact on that- I’ve started switching off my phone long before I go to bed as it distracts me too much! I recently wrote a post on disconnection, and I think it’s something that people should do more of to ensure a healthy, happy lifestyle! 🙂


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