Parenting Book Club!

Attention Book Club members and those interested!


Initially, I was going to roll this information out on Monday but in order to make sure those interested in participating receive their books on time, I want to get this out ASAP. I recently decided to start a book club for parents. I have a book selected that we’ll work through in units. The book is about communication and has tips, techniques, and exercises for us to implement. In order to accommodate all those interested, I’m breaking the reading down into roughly 10-page units. It makes it easy to work into our schedules and puts the focus on implementing what we read.

Each Monday, I’ll publish a password protected post so that only members who have signed up can access the conversation. It will be a safe space where we can discuss the content we read and share about our experience utilizing the different tools added to our parenting toolboxes. This is a judgment-free zone where we can open up and share our struggles and strengths alike. Parenting isn’t an easy job but we can come together to unite in our journey and learn together along the way.

If you’re interested in joining, visit the main book club page for details on the book we’ll be reading, where you can find it, and when the first discussion starts! Can’t wait to see you at the first discussion!


What do you think? Would you be interested in reading this to discuss with a group of parents? 

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