Guest Post at Hugh’s! | Music Time Machine

A fellow blogger recently put out a call for a guest post as he was going on vacation. As a music lover, I jumped on the chance to help him out. It was my first time connecting with Hugh and I loved his blog right away. Funny enough, I noticed is we’re both Dyslexic. After talking back and forth in a few emails, I also noticed we both value one thing in the blogging experience- engagement! He likes to engage with his readers just as much as I do so it felt very natural stopping by to chat with his readers while he’s off on vacation. If you haven’t had the chance to meet @HughRoberts05 yet, be sure to stop by!


Technically, I’m not here. If you read last week’s post for this feature (which was all about summer holidays), you’ll know that I’m away this week and that there is somebody new in the driving seat of Hugh’s music time machine. Don’t be concerned, because I’ve given my guest plenty of lessons on how the time machine works and I know that she’ll be dropping you all off to meet me next week. In the meantime, she’s about to land you all in the year 1979.

Continue reading to discover the song I took the music time machine to!

Before you head over, what song do you think it will be? What artist? I’m curious to know what you think I’d pick from 1979. Let Hugh know you stopped by from here he’ll be happy to know you stopped by while he was on vacation and we didn’t leave his blog home unattended.

Don't be shy, I'll reply ;)

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