Pulse Check |Kindness Challenge

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

I just wanted to check in with you and see how this week is going. No matter what week of the challenge you’re on, feel free to share in the comments how it’s going. If you haven’t published your reflection post for a previous week, feel free to do so. I hope you’re taking this at a pace that feels right for you even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. I can’t wait to read your reflections that will start coming in over the next couple of days! Remember to be kind to yourself and others above all! Sending you lots of love!



2017 Kindness Challenge (2)
For details to sign up or quick links for the prompt weeks, click the image.




4 Replies to “Pulse Check |Kindness Challenge”

  1. Hi Nikki, I found a belief that I’m using this week to experience self-acceptance. I don’t know what will be revealed when I write the post on Friday but it does require a fair amount of acceptance before it can heal.

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    1. Wow! That’s huge Julia!! Whether you open up and share it or not, I’m so happy about this self-discovery. I encourage you to push through the pain and tend to that wound so you heal it. Sending you so much love!!! 💖💖💖

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  2. I had a rough start to the week, which challenged my challenge…ha-ha! Today, I’m happy to say I’ve worked through the difficulty and come to a better understanding of myself and other people. Unrealistic expectations can throw us off the path of self-acceptance; that’s my discovery.

    Without these weekly challenges, I don’t think I’d be as “aware.” For that, I thank you, Niki. 🙂

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