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Are you ready to meet some new bloggers? Hope you are comfy and ready to click that follow button! Introducing you to this week’s lineup of bloggers and their suggestions of blogs to check out. Be sure to stop by and show them some love! ❤ 

  • Cathaleen blogs over at Still Mom where she opens up about the birth of her stillborn baby and seeks to raise awareness. While she blogs about other lifestyle-related topics, I admire her for her courage to open up and seek to support others who have experienced loss in this way. Thank you Cathaleen, as a mom of 3 angel babies, I know it’s not easy. ❤

This week I wanted to pay it forward and highlight a blog from the community. JoJo is a regular commenter who I enjoy engaging with who blogs at A Glimpse into My Journey. It’s a lifestyle blog sharing reflections of life. This particular post resonated with me as someone who values a life full of simple pleasures that make it rich!

  • @babycostsmoney shares how much it costs to raise a child in the US. In this post, she shares her reviews on baby plates giving details on the quality and value for the money. 
    • She recommends checking out a blog called Right-Brained Mom which is a creative learning blog that encourages outdoor play. 

Featured bloggers: Thank you for reaching out! I’m so humbled to introduce you to my blogging community! Be sure to mingle in the comments to maximize your time in the spotlight! ❤

If you’d like to be featured, please let me know in the comments. I feature 3 blogs a week in the order they signed up. The only rules are:

  • leave a short description of your blog
  • leave a link to the post you want featured
  • include a link to another blogger’s post or homepage and let me know what they blog about

Feel free to reply to your own comment with the link to another blog if you have trouble leaving 2 links in one comment. If these 3 rules aren’t met, I won’t be able to add your blog to the list. 

If you’re interested in being promoted in the blog community on a more regular basis, check out the options by clicking here.


What do you think of this week’s line up? Does this make it easier to discover new blogs? Do you have anything in common with any of the bloggers? Feel free to share in the comments! ❤ 

27 Replies to “Awareness, Simplicity & Reviews| Blogs to Follow!”

  1. Hi Nicki,
    I followed you over from Hugh’s website. I am a novice at my blog site. I have been posting less than a year. I feel fortunate that I have as many followers that I have, yet I’m always grateful for any new ones. I’m always looking for someone to view my writing and promote it when they feel it is worth promoting. I have two recent post that has drawn some attention. Both are about the decision of writing a memoir or a fiction based on one’s life story (Memoir versus Fiction and Memoir versus Fiction – Revisited) I invite you to come by and leave your opinion. Thank you and I will be following you now. Oh Yeah, I like Smokey Robinson too.

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    1. Nice to meet you, Chuck! So nice of you to stop by! I look forward to inducing you to my community! The only thing I need is a post or link to a blog other than your own. With that you’ll be all set! I’m glad you enjoyed my song choice. 😊


      1. Thank you Niki for the opportunity. I have a woman I follow not only for her writing, but especially of how she combines it with great photography. I do not know how you feel about religious websites. Her writing always has a religious genre. She is a nature lover and believer in a strong family. I hope you will include Wendy McDonald

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  2. Thanks, Niki, for the blog mention and for highlighting my post. I really do appreciate it and enjoy interacting with you here on your blog. I think it’s important to bring awareness to all the topics you so bravely talk about. Hope your week is going well!

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  3. Hi Niki! I would love to be featured! I just started a new blog last week, so any exposure at all would be great. My blog is about books, reading, literacy tips, etc., as well as Usborne Books and More in the US. I will be making weekly video reviews of our books and sharing them. This post is an overview of what my site is going to be all about:

    This is the link to one of my 5 followers (told you I just started it haha!!). She blogs mostly reviews of young adult books.

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    1. I have a friend that’s an Usborne rep. I’m in a mom’s group with her, she loves it!

      Did you delete your old blog or are you running two?

      Gotta start somewhere right? I’ll add you to the list!


  4. Hello how are you? I was looking for sites about natural hair and this came up. My blog is about God, Fashion, DIY, stories of friends and family, life journey, food and drinks. I guess left style in general. I would like to share the link to my blog of a friend who experienced supernatural child birth. I like this the raising princes blog. I particularly like it because she talks about being intentional in living and she also has posts about African and in particular Nigerian food. This is a link to one of her posts:

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    1. I’ve added you to the list! Just FYI, your blog isn’t synced to your name. When I click on it I’m not redirected to your blog. You might want to do that so it’s easier for people to be redirected to your place when you leave a comment.<3

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      1. Thank you. Please how do I link my blog to my name? I had another blog and it was linked to that before but I deleted that blog but it still links to that. Can you help? Thanks

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  5. This is an awesome post! I was looking for new blogs to follow! I would like to be featured if that is possible.

    My name is Alura and I run a lifestyle blog, Petite Chai. The name sums me up pretty well, I love Chai Latte’s and I come from a rather short family so naturally, I ended up pretty short as well-1.53m. I blog about different topics that are relevant to my life including fitness, college and long distance relationships. To find out more about me I would recommend the post which features a list of questions which covers both the simple interests about a person that you should know about, as well as the deeper stuff that really helps you get to know someone. Feel free to use this list to connect with anyone

    the blog that I would like to recommend is as I love her posts and feel like she is a fantastic writer. She also blogs about lifestyle as well as fashion.

    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

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    1. It’s so nice to meet you Alura. Sorry for the delay in my reply, I’ve had limited internet access lately. I’m happy to add you to the list and glad you found this helpful in your search for new blogs to follow. ❤

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