Simple Things

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Happy Sunday everyone! I know sometimes it can be really hard to find things to be thankful for when you’re going through a rough time. The thing is, gratitude is one of the best ways to shift your perspective and get you out of that tough place you’re in. One of the best ways to do so is by finding something simple to be grateful for. The simpler, the better to start off. I’ve found gratitude to be such a powerful tool, that I dedicated an entire chapter to it in my book. It’s one of the 10 things I did consistently for 2 years that helped me overcome a 17-year battle with depression.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter on gratitude:

“As difficult as my work life was, challenging the relationships in my life were, how little I felt I had to show for my life, and complicated my personal life was, I also knew I still had a lot to be thankful for… Each year I wished it were Thanksgiving every day and I finally realized it could be. I didn’t have to wait for the last Thursday in November to be thankful. I could live my life from a place of thanks every day.”

Wage War on Your Mind & Fight for Your Life!

Whether you’re struggling with depression, or just want to develop a more positive and empowering approach to life, you might enjoy the blueprint I share in my book. You can find more details here.


What’s the simplest thing you can think of that you’re grateful for? Do you use gratitude to create a positive shift in your attitude regularly? Feel free to share in the comments! 

15 Replies to “Simple Things”

  1. Hi Niki.
    Thanks for a beautiful post. You’re so right, practicing gratitude daily has made a huge difference in my life.

    My husband and I started doing this about three months ago as part of our nightly “habit stack” along with appreciation and prayer. My moods have been consistently more positive since!

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    1. I’ve found it impossible to be grateful and pessimistic or in a foul mood at the same time. It took consistently leaning into gratitude to make a major impact and now I do it regularly to maintain my positive perspective. I love the practice you shared yesterday, a wonderful habit and practice in a relationship ❤


  2. I couldn’t agree more Niki. I absolutely believe a gratitude practice can be life transforming, and I’ve be an advocate and practitioner for many years now. Like all longly-held practices my has morphed and shifted over the years, and I think that’s a wonderful thing as everything needs to expand and evolve. But underlying it all is my belief that gratitude begets happiness.

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    1. I agree, in the beginning finding the simple things was essential because I was drowning in a mentality of lacking. These days, I could spend from sunup to sundown listing the things I’m grateful for. My practice has changed many times over the years and I currently use a couple of ways to incorporate gratitude into each day. Thank you for sharing Deborah ❤


    1. This is true, although full disclosure when I was in the depths of depression even life itself wasn’t something I could appreciate. So grateful that’s not the case any more. ❤

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  3. Every day, I count my blessings and am thankful. Gratitude makes me aware of all the beautiful things in life I’d otherwise take for granted. When you’re grateful, your heart sings and you smile!

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