What Makes you a Great Partner?

Just like each mug is a separate and complete heart, that’s how we should build partnerships; as separate yet complete individuals.


Today I’m curious to know what makes you a great partner. A lot of times, I think society deems a relationship is good in terms of what the other person does for you. It’s no secret that I believe it takes two complete people to come together to form a strong partnership. If we focus on being the best versions of ourselves, we aren’t looking at what our partner can do for us to make things better. Both partners will naturally seek to contribute to the relationship to maintain the balance and functioning dynamic. So, keeping that in mind, what do you do contribute to the relationship to keep the balance and cultivate a healthy relationship environment? Feel free to share in the comments! ❤


14 Replies to “What Makes you a Great Partner?”

  1. Love, sympathy, forgiveness, and support–both ways. It’s crucial to be there for each other at all the different stages and times of your life. 🙂

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  2. Such a great topic! I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of selfishness in my relationship before but I’m lucky to have a positive and loving partner who makes me want to do better. Lately he’s been facing some work challenges and it’s been a great opportunity for me to show support and to be his cheerleader!

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    1. It’s all part of growing as an individual and partner. I’m glad he’s such a source of motivation and empowerment for you and that you’re able to return the support. Thanks for sharing Hannah! ❤


  3. One of my favorite practices my husband and I have developed is a nightly ritual we call “Our Thing”. We do our thing every night before we go to sleep. It involves saying-as specifically as possible-what we appreciated about the other most for the day, what we are grateful for in our lives more generally, and then praying together and thanking God for our lives.
    This practice has definitely improved my experience of being a great partner and of having a great partner.
    Thanks Niki!

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    1. What a great routine and wonderful way to end the day! My family does this at least once a month. We share 3 things we love most about each member and what we’re grateful for about each other. It always leaves us feeling really good and close to one another. Thanks for sharing, Melissa ❤


  4. I watch, observe and then I cultivate, motivate grow my garden. I see what his talents are and I focus on that. Then I take it up a notch. He paints when he’s not working himself into an early grave. He paints good too. I contacted a gallery, sent his painting’s and they said they would love for him to be in their summer show. So now he’ll have his artwork hanging in an actual gallery and maybe someone will buy one. That would be great. I guess I’m what you call my family’s biggest fan/cheerleader. Blessings ❤ Here's the link ( I hope you don't mind, it's sell something saturday 😉 http:elancreationspainter.com ) Love ya, Mz Niki 😉

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