Groceries & Family Dynamics


One thing I don’t particularly enjoy doing is grocery shopping. It’s a necessary evil, I know but hear me out. I plan the meals, make the list, prep the food, cook it, serve it, I think I can get away without shopping for it. That being said, after not stepping foot in a grocery store for months, I do enjoy going every now and then because it feels new. The funny thing is, I never know what I’m going to get. My husband inevitably mixes things up or just forgets to grab ingredients. That’s considering I send him with a checklist organized by the order he’ll find things in the aisles. 

Sometimes the mixups are minor like the wrong kind of pasta, that doesn’t usually make a difference. Sometimes they are major like forgetting to grab a key ingredient. At the end of the day, I don’t complain because he saves me an hour a week of meal-related duties. Even though I dreaded it, I used to go because I didn’t want to deal with the mixups. I had to learn to just get creative with whatever got brought home. Out of everything he gets for a week’s worth of food, there are only a couple of things that aren’t right. So I had to decide if a couple of minor mixups were worth the hour of shopping to avoid them. Obviously, I decided it wasn’t!

The thing is, we’ve always been a household where both partners contribute. I realized all of the meal duties fell on me but really the shopping was self-imposed. The change started off with him going while I was sick and taking the kids to give me a chance to rest. When I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world if he didn’t get the same ingredients as I would have (or even all of the ingredients) I decided to stop doing things I didn’t have to. That trend has carried over into other areas of our family life. I realized that I do more things that other members of the family could be doing. I was overloaded and found that I didn’t have the time or energy to get everything done.

Now my general rule is I don’t do things that others are capable of doing for themselves.

It’s not that I won’t but my priorities lie in the things that I contribute to the family that only I can do or that are my forte. It has lifted a lot of pressure off of me and my family has been great in picking up the pieces I’ve decided to drop.

Today I just wanted to encourage you to take a look at your own plate. Do you have too much on it? Are there things that someone else could be taking care of? Is it time for things to be redistributed? Dynamics change, kids get older, responsibilities and commitments change, maybe it’s time to evaluate and see what can be improved. I’ve found it helpful to take the approach that everyone contributes what they’re capable of both for themselves and the family as a whole.


What are your thoughts? Can you relate? Are you due for a change in dynamics or are you in a place that it’s working for everyone in the family? Feel free to share in the comments!

If you have any ideas for future parenting posts or would like for me to write about something in particular, please feel free to share in the comments! I’m always on the lookout for ideas but I’d love to serve you what you want to read! 

6 Replies to “Groceries & Family Dynamics”

  1. I think I somehow acquired the job of Laundry Mistress and I want out! First I have to learn from you and let the little things go. And maybe wash my own delicates — the expensive ones at least. 🙃

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    1. Yeah I didn’t care for that job either. I’ve gone through a few phases. First I got baskets at Ikea to help with color sorting. My family put clothes into the baskets that were the same color. That made that easier. That also made it easier for my husband to toss a load in. He thought I was a crazy sorter for no reason until he saw what not sorting properly did to the clothes… Then we went through a phase that my husband washed and dried, I folded, and we all put away. Now I sort, either of us wash, dry, fold and we all put away. I think it’s about finding what works at the time and going with it. I’d definitely separate delicates and come up with a process to test to see how it works for you guys ❤

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      1. Yes it’s definitely happening. Thanks for the inspiration. Funny, I have a husband and a college student and a high school senior and a toddler. Guess which one helps with the laundry? I know you said toddler and you are 100% correct. 🙃

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      2. Hahaha I believe it!! My toddler is helpful too (well as helpful as she can be when she’s not undoing what I did) 🙈


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