Kindness Challenge | Self-Love Reflection Post

I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come when it comes to the topic of self-love. I’ve been on a journey of self-love over the past four years. Not loving myself to the point of wanting to cease my existence ironically led me on this intense journey of self-love. As I read and re-read the week one prompt post, I can hardly believe I wrote it. Four years ago that would have been unfathomable. Yet now, it’s hard to imagine not encouraging others to start or continue down the path of self-love.

Four years ago I didn’t feel like a servant worthy of scrubbing the floors of a palace much less a queen born worthy of love and belonging. Today my chest feels like it could burst from the immense love I hold inside. Love for myself that overflows and spills onto everyone and everything around me. I feel like the queen of my life who is humble, kind, and loved by all who love themselves.

I didn’t create a mantra because I’m at a place in my life that I know that I’m worthy of love. I wanted to take a new self-portrait but got food poisoning and wasn’t able to. So I showed myself some self-love by being mindful of my health and resting. Instead, I’ll share a self-portrait I took last summer that’s perfect for this post anyway!

Queen 1.jpg

I took it as a fun way to spread the word about being a Women’s Worthiness & Authenticity Coach. Having found the power of self-love I wanted to empower other women to do the same in their own way. I wanted them to realize like queens, they too are worthy of love starting with self-love. Today I share it in celebration of feeling like a queen worthy of the love I have for myself and am able to receive from others.

For those of you who haven’t posted your reflection yet, please note this is my personal reflection. Do not link your post here, instead leave a link to the week one prompt post.

Don’t forget to visit at least two other participants to bond with others along the journey! ❤

13 Replies to “Kindness Challenge | Self-Love Reflection Post”

  1. Your story is empowering in demonstrating how far you can come, if you don’t give up in the moments that challenge you most. Instead you have become someone that is now a big inspiration to others. Glad to hear you believed in your strong side and are here to share the love.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. It took a breakdown to realize where I was and find the strength I didn’t know I had. Now my mission is to empower to others do the same. ❤


      1. Like yourself I’ve taken this journey myself before. So, I am following your footsteps and use this challenge to bring attention to the importance of this topic. At the same time to acknowledge a Beautiful Soul like you 😉

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      2. I love what you offered! The journey was difficult, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar when I first started. Now it’s beautiful, magical, and full of adventure. It’s one that everyone should feel comfortable traveling and I’m happy to hand out maps and help people find their path. Thank you for your contribution ❤

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