Pulse Check | Week 1

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

Soulful Sunday (3)

I just wanted to check in with you to see how week 1 is going. Feel free to ask questions, share what you’re struggling with, or what you’ve been surprised by so far. Don’t feel like you have to give too much away since you have your reflection post, I just want to offer support in any way the community can. I’m looking forward to reading your reflections as they start to come in at the end of this week.

Please don’t link your reflection posts here, to keep this as organized as possible we’ll link them to the week 1 post. 

If you aren’t a WordPress blogger, please be sure to leave a link to your reflection post directly in the week 1 post. Link backs don’t show up for non-WordPress blogs. If you’ve linked back to your intention post, please leave the link in the comments here so we can visit your post. 

How’s week 1 going so far? Share a few words in the comments. ❤ 

6 Replies to “Pulse Check | Week 1”

  1. I am so glad my son’s graduation finally came last Saturday. I am able to decompress and allow myself some space this week. I have a friend at work that is as zany as me and he was facing a job elimination scenario at the end of April. Fortunately he got a chance in another division, the one where I moved last spring. Now we can continue our fun banter while taking short walks twice a day. This is as good for my self-preservation and improvement as anything I do.

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  2. I’m taking notes as I live this week and move into self love. What has been beneficial so far is switching into self love when my cranky, complaining brain gets chattering about really important things like why do I have to brush my teeth. I don’t feel like it. Interesting to feel that the self love part is just living there inside me somewhere more than happy to be seen and felt.

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