Compassion & Imagination

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Children never cease to amaze me! My youngest is two and a half years old and is such an incredible little person! She did something yesterday that surprised me. Behind our home, there’s farming land with a little fish farm we can see from our window. About a year ago, a duck found its way to the fish farm and never left. We didn’t blame him, he had water to swim in stocked with fish to eat, and a cozy place to sleep. The farmer doesn’t like having the duck eat his fish and always tries to get rid of him. The duck learned to identify the sound of the farmer and would hide when he heard him coming. He often goes to a corner where it’s hard to spot him or go chase the chickens away and hide under a tree eating their food. 

Yesterday as we were having lunch, my daughter told me her duck was swimming. I didn’t think much of it and just kept eating but soon her tone changed. She said it again and then stated it as a question with concern in her voice. I got up to look out of the window to see what the duck was doing differently that caused that tone in her voice. Within moments I realized her duck wasn’t swimming and she was worried because he was floating with his head in the water. She told me he broke his neck and I needed to go save him. I felt so bad! I went to the balcony and tried to figure out what happened to him but I wasn’t able to.

She wanted me to get him out and help him. I told her we couldn’t reach him we were just too far. She got really panicked and went to her room to find something to get the duck out of the pond with. She kept saying “fix him, Mom, just fix him!”. I told her I couldn’t, it was just too late and I was so sorry. She told me she was a superhero and she could fix him! I couldn’t believe the level of reasoning going on in her head as she ran around trying to find long objects to try to reach the duck. When she saw that I wasn’t trying to get the duck out, she stopped and told me he was gone and just got really quiet. I was so amazed by how she did everything she could to try to save the duck and relieve his suffering. I didn’t realize she could comprehend the situation at two and a half. I was trying to figure out how to explain it to her while she jumped into action and processed his fate on her own.

On a lighter note, she’s just now starting to like movies and get attached to characters. She’s obsessed with Moana and I love that this is something that’s captivated her not because her older sister likes it. She loves to listen to the soundtrack and whenever she sees images of Moana she tells me that’s her! She has this old key she plays with that used to be for a closet I had in my room. Last night I asked her where she got it from because she just won’t let it go. She told me Maui gave it to her. I wasn’t expecting that. She would normally say it was my key, her key, or she got it out of her toybox. It’s so cute that she’s starting to use her imagination to play make-believe. I have fun spending time with her as it is but things are about to get even more interesting!


Share a story of something that amazes you about your kids. What do you find incredible about kids in general? Feel free to share in the comments ❤ 

I couldn’t help myself. Even superheroes need their naps. ❤ 

23 Replies to “Compassion & Imagination”

    1. Her and her sister are both incredibly caring and empathetic. I was very surprised my the level of comprehension and her actions. I still can’t understand how she knows but it touches my soul.

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  1. Aw,loved reading this experience! And it truly amazes me how much kids somehow can grasp even very young. My 18 month old even surprises me with new words and even sayings I wasn’t even sure she truly understood. One day, for the first time, she started playing with her daddy’s sneakers and put her feet in the sneakers, first the left then she put her right foot in the other one. Just stood there for a bit standing in his shoes, then started the shuffling and her trying to walk with his sneakers on. After managing walking a few feet with the sneakers she gets out of them, picks one up and brings it to me saying “too big”! I was just surprised because it was the first time she came up with words on her own, was a proud little moment. 😊

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    1. She’s so cute. She thinks about him often. She goes on the balcony to check for him and tells me he’s not coming back. I love the way kids fill the world with their magic. I’m doing great, thanks for inquiring! I hope all is well with you and yours! Thank you,
      you too! ❤

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      1. So sweet! When my girls were little I remember being amazed at what their perspective was of a certain situation. Sometimes much different than mine, so fun to see life through their eyes. Magical!

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