Playful Memories

As a kid, I remember spending a lot of time playing outside. I lived in a small town in Germany and we had a large yard to play in. I spent a lot of my afterschool and weekends playing make-believe outside, running, riding my bike, and in the yard. My mom could see us from the kitchen window and we would have the kids that lived down the street come play. As I got older, we moved to a small base in South Dakota and I played outside with my friends each evening. On Friday nights you could find all of the neighborhood kids outside playing football or Spotlight. Those are some of my fondest memories growing up.

When I observe kids today, I can’t help but feel like they’re missing out. As fun as technology is and advanced as graphics are, the memories of their childhood are going to be different. Will they remember the best hiding spot for Kick the Can, the sound their bike made when they turned the handlebars, or the smell of playing in the yard? I played video and computer games growing up but they were limited and while they were fun, they rarely cross my mind when thinking back to my favorite childhood memories.

Let these be the kind of memories our kids look back on. ❤

In a world that we are all but obsessed with technology, I want to encourage you to find ways to help your kids create fun memories they can look back on. Ones that involve action, curiosity, laughter, and engage their senses. Technology isn’t going anywhere, they’ll have the rest of their life to be connected. But how many adults regularly play once they outgrow childhood?


What are your thoughts? Did you play outside as a kid? Do your kids play outside? What was your favorite childhood game? Have you taught your kids any of the games you used to play?

19 Replies to “Playful Memories”

    1. Sounds like you’re due for some fun!! I love laser tag, bowling, water balloon fights, and board games. I encourage you to find a way to bring some play into your life, let me know what it’s like 😊

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  1. I have thought about that many times before; all of the young people around us are constantly plugged in. How much will they really remember of outside play, and real, interactive games with friends and family? It’s a sad thought. My childhood was a happy one 🙂 I enjoyed electronic games, but that was in true moderation.

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    1. Yeah it will be interesting to see the effects it will have on society. I feel bad because they are definitely missing out and I think that’s a vital part of childhood.


  2. We played in the woods – they were Sherwood Forest – I got to be Maid Marian lol – or on other days they were a pirate castle – and there was always football and skipping… and lots of cuts and scrapes – great memories. I don’t have kids but watch some of my younger friends who are pretty good at getting the kids outside but we don’t live in a city so it’s a bit easier. Still they’re always waging war with technology.

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    1. Ahhh what fun memories! Yes, it’s definitely easier if you don’t live in the city. I live on the outskirts of a small town and there’s a one way road behind my home that’s only used by those of us that live in the complex for the most part. There’s a huge empty plot of land that used to be for farming the kids play at. I can see everything from my balcony otherwise, I’d be more hesitant. My daughter plays for at least 3 hours a day outside but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our technology battles… 🙂


  3. Hi dear. Bravo for this post! Life was simple and yet so good and kind at one time. When I was growing up and I’m much older than you are. If we didn’t have a small ball to play hop scotch we used a rock or even a thick piece of glass or wood. We played dodge ball in the streets, and when the cars came down, we moved until they went by and played again. No one got hurt. Aaahh!

    You are right, those memories flood our minds and make us smile. My grandson is full of technology, but he also goes outside with this great big bin of toy cars he has and plays with them on the sidewalk. That’s good.

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    1. I smile just reading your comment. Ahhh the simple joys of childhood! Hopscotch, jump rope, bike riding, bubbles, water balloons, I could go on for ages. I love that your grandson knows what it’s like to play outside. My girls love bubbles and sidewalk chalk 🙂


  4. It’s so beautiful Nikki and sometimes I wonder how today’s kids are missing out and fettered to technology. We played football on the street, hide and seek or marbles. I used to play along too and speaking to myself, doing film shoot on sand, imagining to be an actor. I love my own company, a lot.

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      1. Yes, I was shy by nature and loved playing alone. Hindi movies were always my companion and remember saving coins to buy a Filmfare priced at that time for 15 bucks and other mags that no longer exist. Not to mention cassettes. The time of growing outside India and in a small island.

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