Take A Leap of Faith

Today’s post is written by Hami over at Ask Hami. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


We live in a strange world today, driven by money and systems. We have a system for everything and while we might feel free, we are just in a big cage doing someone else’s bidding. We work 8- 9 hours a day on most days of our lives and come home to our family tired and exhausted. We sleep almost the same amount of time in order to function properly and our main function is to work, mostly for someone else. On most days of our lives, we only have a few hours for ourselves or those close to us but we are tired during these hours.

During those precious hours left of the day, we need to maintain things we bought like our house, the cars, or our pets. All this time spent and we do this until we retire. Can we take a break? No, the loans in our names make sure we keep this cycle going, banks controlling us by giving us things we shouldn’t afford. We buy stuff as an achievement to ourselves or to show off to others but beneath the surface, it’s a devil’s deal, the banks control us now. Think about it, we live in a system where until your old and saggy if you make it to that age that is, we spend MOST OF OUR TIME working for someone else. In fact, you spend more time sleeping than what you have in free time until retirement.

There is another way though. Get rid of it all, become free from loans and start to work less as your monthly fee’s slowly decrease. You don’t need a huge apartment or a house, you don’t need a $30k+ car, you’ll get much more later in life when you succeed. You can choose to continue your lifestyle with a house and a car as you retire or a yacht halfway there. Work less for someone else and start working for you, become an entrepreneur and start to create content instead of consuming it.

Somewhere along I decided to let go of everything, become less aware of materials and start to self-search. I know that I’m good at writing, and as a job, I want something that’s fun and adventurous. So here I am soon to join the army while working on my first book and practicing writing. It’s not ideal, it’s not going to get me anywhere the next few years but I know that if I stick to doing my passion it has to work out.

My advice is that the first thing you do is plan, plan, plan. What do you want to do and how are you going to get there? Second, get rid of loans or anything that has a monthly expense that you don’t need. Start to consume less and focus your energy and economy towards your goals. Don’t need an extra bedroom or a fancy bike that you use twice a year? Get rid of it all, trust me living simple is great.  Maybe become a writer, your first book will suck and probably the next few after that but 10 years in and you might have published a hit. Experienced within a certain field? Start your own business in that field. It might be hard in the beginning and like me, you’ll probably need to have a part time job to afford living while chasing your dreams but it’s worth it! Take a leap of faith, success is inevitable if you chase it hard enough.

Hami writes about his fitness journey on his blog. Be sure to share your thoughts on his post in the comments and visit him by clicking on the social links below. Thanks again Hami for opening up and sharing your thoughts with us.


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What are your thoughts on this post? Can you relate? What plan can you draft to help you take a step towards living a more fulfilling life?

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