Fight for Your Life!

I’m incredibly excited to share that I’ve launched the eBook version of my book! I wrote about the process I used to overcome a 17-year battle with depression. It’s laid out as a blueprint giving steps of the process in phases that readers can implement using questions and exercises I present in the book.

It took me two years to implement the process I lay out in the book in my own life. The progress wasn’t quick but the results have been sustainable! I think of it like weight loss. You don’t want to lose weight too quickly because you tend to gain it back (and some). It’s more effective to make healthy changes in your routine to support the results you want. This blueprint is the healthy path that worked for me. May it support many others in their own journey ❤

Wage War on Your Mind & Fight for Your Life!
Click for more details on the book and where to purchase. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this process. I’m so humbled by the amazing sense of community and encouragement I received. I’d appreciate you reblogging or sharing this post on social media to help get it on the radar of those that could use it.

Please note, I’m not a doctor or medical professional. I share the experience that worked for me with the intention that you can take what you need from it to support you in your journey. Please work with your health care professional as needed. 

43 Replies to “Fight for Your Life!”

    1. Got it in my in-box. Thank for passing this along TT. The topic of depression is so misunderstood. Glad to see it addressed with authenticity.

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    1. Thank you so much Miriam! I’m relieved to have it out. The last few steps of the publishing process were quite draining but it’s been worth every ounce of love and energy poured into it. ❤

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  1. Congratulations Niki. Love the cover photo and pleased you’ve manage to slay the demon or at least stop it in its tracks. Many struggle with this and hopefully many will be helped by reading of your experiences.

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    1. Thank you so much Chris! I’m glad you like it! It wasn’t an easy thing to do but it’s one of those things that was hard before it got better. Now my life is so different, a life I never imagined myself living just 5 years ago. May it help many ❤

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