Why You Might Want to Stop Linking Your Posts…


To link or not to link? That is the blogging question! You come across a great blog post and decide to leave a comment. Networking is a great way to engage with other bloggers, connect, and increase the traffic to your blog. The question is, do you leave a link back to your blog or not? That depends… For the sake of this post, I’ll be referencing WordPress bloggers as that’s the platform I’m on. 

In general, I personally choose not to leave a link to my blog when I comment on another blogger’s post. If the blogger or other commenters choose to visit my blog based on the comment I’ve left, all they have to do is click on my blog name which is linked directly to my blog. Should they choose to click on my photo, they’ll be taken to my Gravatar profile where they can read more about me and choose which of my blogs they’d like to visit.

If I’m leaving a comment on a meet and greet or a post specifically created for link sharing, obviously I’ll leave a comment with a link. Even in this case, I’m sure to thank the host for allowing the opportunity to share a link, I leave a comment that opens the door to a conversation should other bloggers choose to respond and leave a link that might be helpful instead of the most recently published post.

Screenshot 2016-10-25 at 1.07.12 AM.jpg
Try clicking a blog name versus the photo to see where they take you.

The reason I’m sharing this is that as I visit blogs, I see people leave a variety of comments. I’ve narrowed it down to four consistent comments I see that don’t contribute to the conversation much and are really a way of just trying to steer the party to their place instead of engaging with those attending the party you’re at.

  • A vague comment or compliment, followed by “check out my blog here!” (link to their blog inserted here).
  • Hey, great post! Check out mine on a similar topic that can be found here (link to their blog inserted).
  • Hmm there are a LOT of comments on this post (or followers on this blog), let me leave a little one liner and (insert link to my blog here). Yep, that should do it!
  • A comment that doesn’t contribute to the post or conversation much, but hey I took the time to find it, paste my comment, and you guessed it! Insert the link to my own blog here!

For the most part, I think the majority of the first two examples are done by new bloggers. They may not realize that by leaving a comment, other bloggers can click on their name and be redirected to their blog. When someone leaves one of those comments on my blog, I approve and reply in a way that encourages conversation.  I often ignore the request to visit because I’m generally inclined to stop by new neighbors’ blogs anyway. Although I’m not going to lie, if they flat out tell me to visit or beg me to stop by, most times it makes me not want to visit.

The third comment really depends, if it’s the first time, I’ll approve and reply. If it happens several times, I mark it as spam never to see from the blogger again. The last type doesn’t even get approved. I automatically consider it spamming to just drop by and randomly leave a link to your blog on a post. A lot of times they are spam and get caught in my spam folder but for those that take the time to randomly paste their comment into blogs I visit along with my own, I mark it as spam and delete it for good measure.

So while I’m not against leaving links, I do encourage you to question your intention for leaving them. If it’s genuinely an attempt to steer traffic to your blog, it might backfire on you because people can see through that and won’t visit (which you can probably tell by the lack of referrers in your stats). If you’re doing it in hopes that someone will visit, I’d have to say in my own personal experience I’d check out your blog just by clicking your name if your comment resonated with me. If you’re coming across as pushy or needy people will be less likely to visit.

Another way to look at it is, how would you feel about someone leaving that comment on your post? If you get all excited to see the comment notification only to be let down because they’re obviously just trying to get you to visit their blog instead of being a gracious visitor of yours, guess what? That’s probably how your comments are coming across if they fall into any of the examples above.

You’re better off liking the post and hoping the blogger checks out an unfamiliar blog like or just leaving a genuine comment and letting the conversation flow. Other bloggers will comment and respond and you’ll be able to build rapport that will naturally encourage bloggers to visit. You never know, it might naturally lead to you being able to share a post! If you leave a link because you don’t realize we can click on your name and stop by, no worries! Now you know and you can relax and just participate in the conversation because you’ll likely get a few visitors anyway.

The thing is, it takes time to build up a following. The blogosphere is big and just hoping to get discovered isn’t enough. I encourage you to seek out other bloggers and engage in their content. I personally follow the golden rule of blogging-

“blog unto others as you would have others blog unto you.”

So basically, if I want people to like and comment, I’ll like and comment on posts that speak to me. Always be authentic in your engagement! Don’t play the follow for follow game or comment just to try to be seen. Just be yourself and you’ll either attract potential followers or repel them. As someone who values engagement over the number of followers, I prefer to repel those who won’t be interested in what I have to offer and attract those who will value the content I provide. Either way, the goal is to connect with those who will enjoy your blog and be happy to read what you put into the blogosphere.

Side note: Self-hosted bloggers, I know it’s tough to be found and don’t hold it against you. I’d just add a little note saying your self-hosted. 😉

As always, feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions for topics you’d like to see in future Blogging Tip posts! 

What are your thoughts on this post? Are you a link dropper? Did you realize that we can find your blog by clicking on your name? Do you click on links when people leave them on your blog? Do you click on links when people leave them on other blogs? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks Miriam for leaving such a lovely comment, I hope you don’t mind me showcasing your comment as an example ❤

71 Replies to “Why You Might Want to Stop Linking Your Posts…”

  1. Much appreciated advice! I am new to blogging and have been trying to figure out the “social norms” of this new blogging world 🙂 I caught on pretty quickly that it was usually not good etiquette to leave a link if it was not a Meet and Greet situation. However, I am guilty of doing it two times when I was in what is still kind of a grey area for me….maybe you can help!? I commented genuinely on the post because it was a topic of interest to me.But then because it was a topic of interest to me, I had recently posted about the same topic. So I added a link to that specific post in my comment adding that I felt it was directly related to their post and would be interested in what they thought of my take on it since it seemed to be a shared interest. Not sure if I crossed over into tacky/spammy territory by doing that but I didn’t intend to and certainly don’t want that reputation. Any helpful thoughts?

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    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I know there’s so many ins and outs. It seems like there’s an unspoken list of rules for each platform… it can be hard to keep up.

      In that particular situation, I personally wouldn’t leave a link. I know it’s tempting and it seems like it makes so much sense! Technically it’s not spam but let me put it this way, if you spent time and energy in a post and someone came and left a comment linking back to theirs, what would you think? I personally would rather continue the conversation and form a connection. That leaves an impression not only on the blog host but those commenting after you. It’s not “wrong” to leave a link but it can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth even when it’s not your intention.

      I learned by not leaving links that I got a lot of likes on my comments and a lot of visitors even months later because people would be drawn to the conversation.

      I leave the links to meet and greets or the A-Z Challenge coming up in April because that’s how you distinguish a participant from a passerby.

      Go for what feels right in the long haul. People have really good memories and while the blogosphere is immense it’s a small world. I’ve seen too many people comment on blogs leaving links all over. If someone wants to see what your blog is about they can pop over. It’s not worth me dropping a link and risking looking like I’m trying to steal the spotlight when I could make a friend.

      If you really wanted them to see it you could leave it open ended and say something along the lines of “that’s so funny! I just happened to post about something similar the other day! Great minds think alike”. That way it’s an invitation but not leaving the eye sore of a link in the comments. That’s just me though!

      You’ll start to find what feels right! Keep interacting! ❤

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      1. Thank You Niki! I am definitely going to keep your advice in mind because I think you’re right, when I put myself on the other end of it, it make the comment feel less genuiune if there is a link included even if the comment and link are relevant. Thanks for the insight! 🙂

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      2. Glad to help. I’m sure that when that’s the farthest from your intentions you don’t see it that way. I had to learn the hard way but I like you caught on very quickly! 😉


    1. I have too, not just on my blog. I know a lot of bloggers are too polite to say anything about it but it’s really rude. I understand a lot of people just don’t know which is why I bring it up. ❤

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  2. I do find myself committing unintentional faux pas at times. Usually I manage to check back in time, but in some cases (usually when I’ve been to the pub!) the odd social gaff may slip through, an unintentional plug of my own work here – when it is specifically not allowed on that site – perhaps, a click of the wrong button there (I do that a lot and then scramble to un-press it – damn, damn, damn too late!)
    I do try to avoid going on social media after a session in The Slug and Lettuce, but you know what it’s like – you get carried away, your fingers type faster than your brain works (and I’m a very slow, one finger typist!)
    Social étiquette I find is a bit of a minefield especially according to which platform you’re on at the time. And even more so when there’s no inflection given to your words. Perhaps there should be an ‘I was being ironic, not sarky!’ emcotion?

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    1. hahaha I’m a terrible one finger typist and have banned myself from commenting on my phone. Every time I give in I overlook a colossal typo and regret it instantly! I agree tone is lost especially if the bloggers don’t know each other. That’s why I choose to refrain from link dropping never mind the shameless plugs. Just leaves a bad impression especially if it’s the first. The etiquette varies so much from one platform to the next! Hopefully this will help those that come across it 🙂

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  3. On my blog, if someone leaves a link to their blog, and makes no comment or reply to the subject I posted, I won’t even pay attention to it. I find it insulting. If they keep doing that very same thing, I put them in the spam folder.

    I believe in being courteous enough to make a comment without leaving your own link. Like you stated people can take a look at your blog if they wish by the gravatar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha it depends, there are bloggers that just don’t know better. Sometimes I can pick up on that in the comments. Sometimes I see them doing that on the blogs of others and I know to just trash them at that point. I’ll give them a pass the first time but for those few serial link and ditchers… they get marked as spam 😮

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