Brag About Your Kids!

I’ve done a couple of posts to brag about your partner on the relationship posts on Saturdays. I thought it would be fun to do the same about our kids. Parenting is a hard job and I know I have days that I get frustrated, irritated, or just wonder what I’m doing wrong. I thought sharing a quality, trait, or story that we love about our kids would be a great way to remember that although it can be tough it’s the most important and rewarding job out there!

I’ll start, my oldest is the kindest and most thoughtful person I know. She always looks out for others, is very attentive to their feelings, and watches out for her little sister like a lioness.

My youngest is so spunky, funny, and sweet. She looks up to her big sister with so much love and admiration. She’s such a prankster it’s funny to see such a little person with an amazing sense of humor.

Your turn! No matter how old your kids are, feel free to brag about them. I’d love to hear something especially endearing about the most important people in your life. Happy Monday!

Have you signed up for The Kindness Challenge yet? It’s a great challenge for the whole family to participate in! We just started with our opening post laying out our intention for the challenge yesterday. Click on the photo to join us!

11 Replies to “Brag About Your Kids!”

  1. My youngest took his first step last night! My oldest son is always so worried about how everyone else is feeling. My middle boy is the “class clown”, always laughing & smiling. My daughter is my heart, we have been connected for many lifetimes & we always find our way back to each other!!! 💞

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