Before Post | Set Your Intention

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

Next week is the official start of the 2nd annual Kindness Challenge! Before we begin our journey, I wanted to encourage you to set your intention by writing a post including why you signed up for the challenge and what you want to accomplish or get out of it. Link your intention post here by either commenting below or linking to this post. 

2017 Kindness Challenge (2)

Thanks for helping to raise the tide ❤

Below are the topics we’ll cover over the course of the challenge to help you set your intention-

  • Week 1 | Self-love
  • Week 2 | Self-compassion
  • Week 3 | Self-acceptance
  • Week 4 | Kindness role model
  • Week 5 | Choosing kindness
  • Week 6 | Kindness without expectation
  • Week 7 | Grateful for kindness

Part of the fun of this challenge is being able to connect with other participants. You’d be surprised by the bonds you’ll make over the next 7 weeks! Last year the majority of the participants were incredibly transparent with their posts which led to an amazing connection in the comments with both participants and readers alike. Be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments (or pingback). For those of you joining via social media, use the tag #revofkindness so we can connect with you too!

Get ready to embark on a blog challenge like one you might not have experienced before! I encourage you to be open to the journey as it unfolds. Last year some participants had some powerful shifts in their life as a result of their dedication to incorporating the weekly prompts. We’ll come back to this post at the end of the challenge and see if the journey took you where you intended. May this lead you to the path that supports your highest good!

Use #revofkindness on social media to spread the word and connect with other participants. On WordPress use the tag Rev of Kindness.

If you aren’t signed up already, you can find all of information, details, and sign up here. It’s never too late to join!

Link your intention post here when it’s published by commenting with the link in the comments or linking back to this post. 

55 Replies to “Before Post | Set Your Intention”

    1. Perfect! I’m not going to lie I’m not sure why the pingback isn’t showing. Even if you didn’t drop the link in the comment, a link should have posted automatically… I have the settings to allow pingbacks on the post, let me dig into it. Thanks for sharing your incredibly caring intention 🙂

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    2. From what I can tell, it might actually be a setting on your end. I have everything set up to allow pingbacks. It’s not a problem, but it makes it easier. If you allow pingback notifications to be sent bloggers can click to be redirected to your site where you linked to that blog post. It automates the process.

      If you go to your WordPress Dashboard-> Settings -> Discussion ->Click the first box that says “attempt to notify any blog”… If you want to allow the pingbacks from other blogs to show up in your posts, click the second box.

      I hope this helps!

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  1. Hi,
    I have covered all of my kindness bases. The link from my blog and the link from my Kindness Challenge post… and the post, right here in the comments. :>

    It’s time for the Kindness Challenge! A seven-week exploration of the act of being friendly, generous, and considerate to others as well as myself. Niki from The Richness of the Simple Life, is our leader as a group of bloggers delve into and play with kindness.

    My heart and soul feels full and joyful as my eyes ingest the challenge’s wishes. My humanness accepts that my heart and soul has heaps of knowledge to express. I’m already hearing my heart and soul say that is why you are on earth…to be kind and to live your human experience from the continual guidance of kindness.

    My human self is eager to feel life with kindness running the show…

    Let the journey begin!

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    1. What a beautiful way to start off the challenge. I’m getting emotional already! I can’t wait to see where this takes you! What a moving post, thanks for sharing 💖

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