What Would You Change?

This video was shared by a friend on social media and it really spoke to me. Before you watch it, I want you to write down one thing you would change about your body. After you watch it, come up with your inner child’s answer. I love the way the kids interpreted and responded to this question! This really encouraged me to let my inner child take over more often, not just in the physical but in all areas of my life!

I challenge you to post your before and inner child answer in the comments. There is no judgment here, we’re all human and I think it’s important to encourage one another through our common experience. I’ll leave my answers in the comments to get us started off!

Feel free to share what you thought of this video along with your answers in the comments. Did it inspire you? Did you need to see this today? ❤

2017 Kindness Challenge (2)

A great way to put this into practice is by joining The Kindness Challenge! The first 3 weeks will focus on self-kindness. Click the photo to see the details!

10 Replies to “What Would You Change?”

  1. I guess I’ve always had the inner child going b/c I never have wanted to change anything about my body. I suppose being in a very serious car accident with a traumatic head injury, paralyzed on my left side, not being able to walk, having to learn how to type with 3 fingers on my left hand and re-learning how to play the piano with only 8 working fingers, I learned very young if it works it’s good. If you can walk, your legs are fine. If you can see, you have beautiful eyes. If you can hold your cup of coffee and drink, your hands are beautiful…I was 21 when the accident happened and every day since then I wake up and say thank you God for giving me another day ❤ I am blessed ❤

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    1. Wow, thank you for sharing that. Such an incredible testament of your character. I’m glad that you walked away with gratitude from that situation. I love the way you word it, if you can see you have beautiful eyes. I’m so glad you’re here to share such an incredible message. Sending you LOTS of love ❤

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      1. Omg thank you and I need lots of love ❤️ theses days !! Life is challenging me once again !!! Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.” The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm !!!” Blessings 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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      2. Thank you so much, I’d love to join. So sweet of you to invite me. The first thing I saw today was your comment and your smile made me smile and I said, “Thank you, for another day 🙂 ”

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      3. I’ll post some of Patti’s Pretty Planner pictures. That is my secret. My planner’s always get me thru <3. One is my war binder that I just started and I'm coloring the bible. That is really cool especially b/c I live with an artist and he helps me all the time ❤ Blessings, Mz. Niki and have a great weekend;)

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  2. I have changed something about my body this year. In February I contracted Strep Throat for the first time in my life. Due to the warm winter weather I had already begun to walk a lot and was losing some weight, so when I got the Strep Throat I lost more quickly and since then I have continued to walk enough to keep the weight steadily dropping off. I was not overweight, by any stretch, but the way my clothes fit and the compliments sure are encouraging.

    Scarlett, I understand your perspective about thanking God for every day. My brother was 29 when colo-rectal cancer took him from us. I do not dread any birthday and are thankful every day for the chance to enjoy God’s beauty.

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