Results Outweigh Discomfort

For the past year, I’ve been intentionally pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I’ve been taking steps to turn my dreams into reality, building my business in a way that’s not conventional yet fits into my life and vision perfectly, and taking opportunities that make me nervous. Many times throughout the year, I’ve faced situations that made me feel uncomfortable; not only because I was taking chances. I was also in situations that challenged me to use my voice in a way I wasn’t used to. 

Speaking my truth isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable thing to do. Even if I’m using the appropriate tone and delivering it in a loving way, sometimes the content just isn’t pretty. The one thing that I’ve repeated to myself more times than I can count over the past year is

The positive results outweigh my temporary discomfort.

Even though it makes me uncomfortable to bring certain things up or even share some of the things I do in my book, at the end of the day I have to remind myself that helping someone else is what matters most. If someone can benefit from what I can contribute, that alone is worth me sharing it. I was having a conversation recently and telling someone about my book. I told her that when I got to the final stages of publishing my book I became very nervous.

The source of those nerves had to do with what people who knew me would think. The more I thought about it the more I realized that some of them would be the last ones to buy my book anyway. I knew I was going forward with the book and just had to make my peace with opinions on both ends of the spectrum. I told this new acquaintance that I was at the point I almost thought it was selfish not to share the message I have. Just because it causes me to be uncomfortable for a moment, doesn’t mean that discomfort should prevent me from putting something out that has the potential to help other people.

The mantra I’ve repeated over the past year may or may not apply to you. If it does, it might be in a different area. Maybe it’s not words but actions or decisions. I just want to encourage you to check your source of discomfort and determine whether you’re letting it prevent you from moving forward. Really pick it apart so you can identify it and use it to your advantage. It takes everyday courage to move forward despite the discomfort so make sure you practice courage daily!

What are your thoughts on this post? Do you find the mantra helpful? Did you need to read this message today? Feel free to share in the comments!

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