Share Your Gratitude!

Happy Sunday everyone! I say words of gratitude regularly throughout my day but Sundays are dedicated to sharing them with you! I want to encourage you to share something you’re grateful for in the comments. If you want to take it a step further, tell someone why you’re grateful for having them in your life. ❤

On my 9th anniversary weekend, I’m very grateful for my husband. The man who has been beside me through my best and worst moments. A person who has chosen to love me even when that was incredibly hard. One of the hardest working people I know. A strong man’s man who isn’t afraid to let his girls do makeovers on him. I’m grateful to have you as my partner in life.

Alright, let’s hear it! Take a moment to reflect on what you’re most grateful for today and share it with others! Happy Sunday ❤

24 Replies to “Share Your Gratitude!”

  1. I’m grateful for my mom. So many of my peers have already lost their parents. I’m thankful that my mom takes such good care of herself. I look forward to having her in my life for many years, as best friend, confidant, my biggest supporter!

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  2. I spent my Saturday morning volunteering at a large baby/kids consignment sale. All kinds of people (collectors, grandparents, home day care, preschool teachers) come to shop. Sometimes you can tell who the families are that financially depend on the consignment sales to outfit their growing kids at a fraction of the cost. I felt very fortunate yesterday to assist these families in shopping. I also felt grateful for the incomes my husband and I make at our jobs. We live a very comfortable life…and in these times, that’s fortunate. ❤

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  3. Aw congrats! 9 years next month for us too 🙂 I am very grateful for him and our girls and the expat life we have build together 💚
    Active gratitude really works. Last year I used the Simple Abundance Gratitude Journal and every single day I wrote down 5 things I was grateful for. The 365 days totally changed my default outlook from one of lack to one of abundance. Permanently. Of course I still have my moments where things annoy the hell put of me (like the husband I’m so grateful for lol) or I want stuff that frugal living dictates I don’t ‘need’. But I am very quick to count my blessings and the moments of disgruntlement don’t last long. Have you read Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach? It’s wonderful, I read it alongside the Journal, a reflection each day. I’ll be writing about it after the school hols 😊

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    1. Congratulations! We have so much in common! I haven’t read that one, thanks for suggesting it. I started incorporating gratitude into my life several years ago when I was battling depression. I tried things I hadn’t done regularly before and found being grateful daily (various times a day) really helped shift my perspective and attitude. It’s something I talk about in detail in the book I’m releasing at the end of the month. Can’t wait to see more about this journey for you ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I’m grateful that the guitarist I’ve always wanted to play on my recordings has agreed to work on my new CD – production starts this week … Yippee. Grateful too for the medicine that is helping me get over pneumonia and getting me fit enough to enjoy working with him.

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  5. You have such a positive blog! Love it! I’m grateful for the life I have. Things have gone bad every now and then, but I’ve gotten stronger each time. I’m at a good place in life, and I’m grateful!

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    1. Thanks, Jenn ❤ It happens, I think how we react and overcome our challenges are important. I'm glad you have the outlook you do. May you continue to have things to be grateful for ❤

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