It wasn’t until I contemplated what word to use for today’s A-Z Challenge post that I realized how much I appreciate quiet. By that I mean in my mind. For so long I had let the whirlwind of destructive thoughts spin through my mind that as I sit here and write, I realize how grateful I am to have peace of mind. I don’t have it because my life suddenly fell into place and became perfect. It’s been a series of deliberate choices I’ve made to discontinue behavior and change unhelpful patterns.

Cover (final)

This is something I go into greater detail in in my upcoming book in which I share the process I used to overcome depression. For more details, click the cover.

Today I just want to encourage you to find something to be grateful for. ❤

This is my entry for the A-Z Challenge I’m participating in. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a challenge where blogger’s post their way through the alphabet a letter each day through the month of April. For more details, visit the A-Z Challenge website or their WordPress site.


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10 Replies to “Quiet”

  1. Quiet is good when tamping down negative thoughts… My house though is too quiet and I don’t like it one bit !!! I remember when there was crying, laughing, doors slamming, coughing, dogs barking, kids fighting, baby’s crying…Oh the list was long in the noise department. Now it’s quiet and all I hear are the clicking of the keys while I’m typing this. For now, it’s quiet as it should be. I do hope I hear my hockey team winning tonight. Blessings, Niki ❤ (I'll learn to enjoy the quiet I hope)

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      1. No the seasons over I’m afraid…So sad It’s like I told my guys, I’m not use to losing with this team so today will be hard. I’m glad I wrote my post last night for today. Thanks for asking, Blessings ❤ It's been a rough 5 years for us. Many losses and unfortunately it's not going to get better anytime soon. I have started a war binder aka bible journaling. Looks interesting and maybe it will help ❤

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    1. I can understand although I can’t relate, external silence with kids…oxymoron 🙂 I’m grateful for the quiet moments when everyone is asleep and I have my alone time. I’m also grateful for the noise because that means all is healthy and happy in my home 🙂

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