Knowing, Listening & Meditating

For those of you who don’t know what the A-Z Challenge is, it’s a blog challenge to post your way through the alphabet a letter a day through the month of April. I got a little behind on the challenge at the end of last week. I missed posting for letters K-M. I figured the best way to catch up was to combine the 3 posts I missed into one. Funny enough these three letters had words that went together perfectly! 

Today I wanted to talk about your knowing. Whether you call it intuition, a 6th sense, or you don’t have a name for it, you probably have an idea of what I’m talking about. Your knowing is that feeling deep within you. It’s that sense that you know that you know, it’s a feeling more than a logical thought. I like many, believe that we are all born with this knowing. I don’t think it ever goes away but I think we learn to listen to logic, facts, and things we can support with reason as we get older. The thing is, your knowing is very wise. It picks up on things that your logical mind doesn’t and tends to steer you in the right direction even if you can’t figure out how.

The more we listen to our knowing, the easier it is to follow. If you’ve been following it for a while, you probably pick up on the sense of knowing very easily. If it’s been a while since you’ve headed to the direction of your knowing, you probably notice it more strongly after the fact. You know, when you were faced with a decision and had this small tugging inside you but you didn’t know why. You didn’t follow the direction of the tug and then wanted to kick yourself in the butt because you knew that feeling from the last time and promised yourself to listen to it? I know it can be hard to follow that sense of knowing when you don’t have any concrete facts, reason, or proof but I’m willing to bet you’ve wished you would have listened to it more times than you wish you wouldn’t have.

On big or important things, the sense of knowing is probably stronger than the everyday feeling. If you want to tap into that inner guidance, one of the best ways I can think of is through meditation. It’s been said that prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when God talks to you. If you regularly create time to connect with this inner guidance, you’ll find it easier to identify, trust, and follow. Meditation doesn’t need to be an hour at a time, but it should be something you try to do regularly. I encourage you to listen to that tugging feeling inside of you, it just might take you in a direction that could change your life in an incredible way!

What are your thoughts on this post? What does that sense of knowing feel like to you? Do you follow it regularly or do you wish you would have?

This is my entry for the A-Z Challenge I’m participating in. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a challenge where blogger’s post their way through the alphabet a letter each day through the month of April. For more details, visit the A-Z Challenge website or their WordPress site.

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If you enjoyed this, you’ll probably enjoy the chapter dedicated to this in my upcoming book. Click the photo to read more about it. 

6 Replies to “Knowing, Listening & Meditating”

  1. I remember early on in life my mother use to call it “mother’s intuition”. I was always wondering “How did she seemingly know everything?! LOL!!” Now that I am older and more connected with God, I realize that is the power of the Holy Spirit guiding us and giving us that confidence to move in the right direction. Excellent post Niki! Thanks!

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    1. It’s funny, I think as a society we’re more accepting of mothers, police officers, detectives, etc. having and utilizing their intuition. The thing is we’re all born with it and have access to it. No matter what name we give it, it’s like a compass inside. Some people need to dust it off while others navigate with it regularly. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, have a great week! ❤

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