Gifts & Giving

After I climbed out of the pit of despair I had been living in for so long, I began to repair the relationship I had with myself. It had been a long time since I saw good things in myself but I slowly started to recognize them. Eventually, I was able to discover my talents and gifts. They hadn’t been used in quite some time so I had to dust them off and give myself time to remember how to use them. Once I did, it was incredibly invigorating!

I started off with writing, sketching, and coloring. It felt so good to do something I’d forgotten I enjoyed so much! I didn’t realize it but even my family began to take notice. That year my step-dad bought me a special present for Christmas. It was a pencil set for artists. It had different kinds of pencils to sketch and color with as well as oils to paint with. That thoughtful gift meant a lot to me and motivated me to continue to pursue things I enjoyed.

Once I had taken the time to recover from my climb out of the pit and regained my strength, I started to explore. I wanted to discover what I had been missing out on. I went to the library and devoured books. I went to the craft store and stocked up on supplies. I went to art classes, attended events, and followed YouTube crafting tutorials. I explored every avenue that brought excitement, passion, purpose, and fulfillment into my life.

By indulging in things that set my soul on fire, I had a renewed sense of life. By chasing these passions that were merely hobbies at the time, I was able to nurture my gifts. Those things that I enjoy that come naturally to me. From there, I was able to create a business around it. I identified the things that I was really good at that could provide value in the lives of others through service. I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my life! My business is just getting off of the ground. I’ve spent the past year developing and cultivating it but it’s starting to grow and bear fruit more often.

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I’m so incredibly grateful to have connected with myself so that I’m able to utilize my gifts in a way that provide a service. I was so drained when I worked outside of the home and tried to get my fix of fulfillment in after a full day of work and family life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the early stages of my business so the days are still long but they aren’t as draining. It’s so different to put energy into something I love than to force myself to get through the day and hope to do something I enjoy. As a way of showing my gratitude, I’ve incorporated giving into my life and business model. My goal is to give back a quarter of my time, money, and service to others. Giving is a beautiful thing because it inspires the receiver to continue the goodness as well as those that have observed it.

Today I’d like to encourage you to cultivate your gifts. What talents and gifts do you have that you’ve forgotten about or not been able to utilize as much? If you do use them regularly, are you able to provide them in service to others? What are your thoughts on this post? Feel free to share in the comments! 

This is my entry for the A-Z Challenge I’m participating in. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a challenge where blogger’s post their way through the alphabet a letter each day through the month of April. For more details, visit the A-Z Challenge website or their WordPress site.

16 Replies to “Gifts & Giving”

  1. Super happy that you have found yourself and your passions and that you are now even making a living off them! I am on that rediscovery path and I am sure I will be able to write such a piece about the joys of doing the things you love soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. What an inspiration! I am going down the path of self-discovery and self-development so this hit very close to home. Thank you for sharing and being so encouraging. 💛

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  3. I have a talent for tap dancing but haven’t been able to cultivate it for over 12 years now and was recently inspired to start dancing again and am hoping I can do so on a regular basis again. Thanks for inspiring others to revive a gift/talent!

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  4. You know I don’t even think about me anymore. Sometimes, no most of the time I’m putting out fires and trying to solve everyone’s problems…I am just so into my family and I can’t say, “That’s not my problem.” I must find myself. If only I could put me as a priority. That’s a hard one to do. Thanks for food for thought. I’m sure I’m good at something other than being a mom. Blessings ❤

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  5. That’s amazing! So glad to see you’re doing what you love. I also think it’s important to do our passions even if we don’t make a business out of it. I’m only saying this because a lot of people don’t even start doing what they love because they stop themselves before the beginning saying they’ll never earn any money out of it. If it’s a hobby, it still ignites your soul. Thank you for being so inspiring Niki!
    PS: I might have mentioned you in my post 😉


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