Fitness Challenge & Accountability


Recently a friend of mine extended an invitation on social media to join a fitness challenge. I thought that was a really good idea! I joined and then thought it would be fun to start a fitness challenge with you!The challenge is to get active as many days as possible! I don’t care if you walk, run, swim, skate, hula hoop… just get active! You set your goal. Maybe you aren’t very active and you want to exercise once a week. Maybe you are active but not as consistent as you’d like. The thing is, many people tend to be consistent if they’re held accountable. This is a way to help keep you accountable to someone other than yourself.

If want to join me on this challenge, download the Map My Run app and connect with me there. You can find me by my email niki(at) Leave your July fitness goal in the comments so I know to check in with you at the end of next month. Be specific, if you want to run a certain distance in July, tell me. If you want to do yoga every day, say so. If you want to exercise in any form three days a week, share it! Also, let me know if you will connect with me on the app so I know to look out for your notification otherwise I’ll check back with you in the comments at the end of July!

I look forward to focusing on living a healthy lifestyle with you!  

9 Replies to “Fitness Challenge & Accountability”

    1. Perfect! Glad to have you join! I’ve added you as the first participant of the challenge. It starts Monday and runs through the end of the month. ❤


    2. Hi Niki,
      I thought I was going to be able to sync my FitBit to MapMyFitness, but alas it doesn’t work with the Charge HR or at least not without a premium account. And I just don’t have the patience for dual entry right now. But I’ll keep walking!
      Arlene @ gitfitsite

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      1. That’s strange, I just clicked the sync icon and selected fit bit and it said to log onto the fit bit account and press the green connect button 🙈


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