Courage & Confidence

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One thing I’ve learned is confidence is a byproduct of courage. If we wait until we’re fearless or completely confident to take risks, make tough choices, or pursue opportunities it’s counterproductive. It’s by taking action in spite of fear, self-doubt, or risk of failure that we generate confidence! Practice everyday courage regularly to build your confidence.


What are your thoughts? Will you try to practice everyday courage? Do you have an example of something you did out of courage? Did that build your confidence? Feel free to share in the comments.

28 Replies to “Courage & Confidence”

  1. I had to take the courage to be honest with management about the lack of support at work and recommend corrective action. hard to step up and tell them what to do. it has made me more confident about speaking up when I do not agree with something

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  2. Having the Courage to pursue something in the midst of fear is a big deal for me and the reason I bring that up is because you mentioned waiting to be fearless to take risks. I would usually try to wait for exactly that to happen and it never turns out to work that way. You speak the truth in many aspects and it resonates with me deeply. Such an awesome post.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. I used to see people doing things I wanted to but didn’t. I thought they were fearless. Once I realized they weren’t fearless but courageous, it changed everything for me. I encourage you to practice everyday courage regularly. You’ll surprise yourself with the things you’ll do! I can’t wait to hear what journey this takes you on!

      Maybe this will help you be encouraged-



  3. I think one of my greatest moments of courage was telling a dear friend of mine, who is an alcoholic that I loved him. And telling him that I could not have a relationship with him until he dealt with the addiction because it would not be a truthful relationship. I would be dealing with an image a person was sending out viewed through the eyes of alcohol. And I knew that I needed, must tell him that I loved him and he may not reciprocate.
    I think it took great courage to love another, even if they do not give it back and to still stay loving them and be loving to them.

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    1. Oh my gosh, that took incredible courage! Thank you so much for sharing that. May it encourage someone that reads your comment and needs to see it. I think even sharing that took courage. Have a great rest of your week! πŸ’–

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