A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal

Last year I participated in the A-Z Challenge and it was the perfect way to help me meet my blogging goal of posting daily. I got to meet a lot of bloggers in the process, discover new blogs to follow, and make some great connections! This year’s theme won’t be too surprising because it’s in line with what I already write about… self-discovery. Last year I prepped and had posts written and scheduled to post at least a week to 10 days ahead of time. This year, all I have is the prompt based on the letter of the alphabet. I haven’t had time to prep as I’ve been working hard on the final stages of getting my book ready to publish, building my business, keeping up the blog, not to mention all that comes with real life 😉 

They’re doing things a little different this year so it will be interesting to see how it works. Last year was the first year I participated and there was a list so participants could visit other blogs. I think this year’s format using social media instead of the list will work better. A lot of the blogs I’d visit either didn’t post regularly or the time zones were so different I had a hard time catching when they posted. This year I’ll be able to click on blogs that have tagged their post on social media so it should save some time and I should be able to visit more blogs.

I’m looking forward to the themes, posts, and connections this year’s challenge will bring. If you haven’t heard of the A-Z Challenge, you can get details on it here. Last year I joined because I was new in my blogging journey and it seemed like a good way to find new bloggers as well as be found. This year I’m joining because it was such a great experience. I did get more views and several new followers so if you’re looking to build a bigger audience, this is a great way to do so!

Are you going to participate this year? Leave a link to your theme reveal post in the comments!

9 Replies to “A-Z Challenge | Theme Reveal”

    1. I think I saw something about posting the link for your daily post on the A-Z website. My posts automatically upload to my Twitter and Facebook pages so there’s no extra work involved. I’m sure we’ll get it figured out in the next couple of days 🙂


      1. Yes, that’s it. The daily post has a link list. Also, using this hashtag: #AtoZChallenge in the title of each post will send it to Twitter,, even if you don’t use Twitter. (It’s kind of like magic!).

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      2. Perfect! I’m a little strange about my formatting and I don’t like how it looks in the title but I have Twitter connected to my blog so all posts are shared there and I just add the tag to what’s posted to Twitter. That’s definitely beneficial for those that aren’t on Twitter though. Thanks for confirming ❤


  1. It’s been too long since I’ve been here (like you, I’ve had a LOT of life happening, although the business is my Accomplice’s, not mine, and my books aren’t ready for the world yet…

    If you learn some things about yourself, and share some, you’ll benefit, and so will others. Win/win.

    You might especially enjoy my theme, this year….although if you stop by soon, it might be a bit tricky finding my “A” post: I forgot I was going to add links to my daily posts on the theme reveal, but I’ll be getting to that tonight or tomorrow…before Monday, at any rate!

    I’ll be back to see what you’re discovering as often as I can!

    Slices of an Unschooling Life
    Indie Writer, Mom-in-Chief, and Joyful Learning Facilitator
    Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos

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    1. So nice to hear from you!!! It’s been way too long, I know how it is. No matter how much time goes by, I’m always happy to reconnect and it seems like hardly any time has passed at all 🙂

      Can’t wait to see what you’ve got brewing this year ❤


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