Connection, Nurture & Soul

Today was one of those days that I just needed to connect with myself. I asked my husband to get the girls ready and go out for a long Daddy daughter day. By 11 am I had the house to myself! I decided to start the day off with some exercise. I went to a local plaza that has outdoor exercise equipment and spent half an hour doing cardio. By the time I got back home I was feeling amazing! I spent almost an hour outside in the sunshine with a gentle refreshing breeze that kept me from overheating during my workout.

When I got home, I fed my soul with this video that I might have shared in the past but it’s one that I like to watch often because a different part speaks to me each time I see it-

My day of self-nurturing continues with me listening to music that deeply moves my soul. I’m going to meditate and get in my space so I can put the finishing touches on my book to send it to the proofreader this coming week. I’m so incredibly relaxed, at peace, and full within myself. I’m so grateful that my husband is so accommodating. One thing I’ve learned is the importance of taking care of myself and having alone time is a very important part of that for me personally.

I want to encourage you to think of the ways that you can nurture yourself and find a way to implement that into your day.

Feel free to share something you’re grateful for or how you’re going to nurture yourself in the comments! I’d also love for you to share a prayer, wish, or intention you have for the world. Sending lots of love your way this beautiful Sunday ❤ 


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3 Replies to “Connection, Nurture & Soul”

  1. Good for you – sounds like it’s been a relaxing yet productive day. In this ever busy world we live in we should all remember to take some downtime for ourselves, thanks for the reminder.


  2. Meditation soothes the sense and help big time. I am a recent convert to exercise, doing 20 minutes yoga thrice a week. It makes one feel so good. Taking care of the self and Me time is not something we should take lightly.


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