Ask The Author & Title Reveal!

I had the honor of being interviewed by @VikkiPatis from The Bandwagon about my experience publishing my first book. I’m also excited to share that she reveals the title of my book in the interview. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Vikki and getting to know her blog, I encourage you to stay after reading this post and seeing what she has to offer. I discovered her last year when a mutual friend shared a post from a series she was doing on Inspiring Women. From there I was introduced to even more bloggers! I know you’ll enjoy what she has to offer just as much as I do! 

It was such a pleasure Vikki, sending you lots of love!

Author Niki Meadows chats to The Bandwagon about her writing process. Niki has also chosen The Bandwagon to reveal the title of her new book! 1) What inspired you to start writing? Well, I thought it was fun to keep a diary as a kid and journal as a teen that I kept up into […]

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