Intentions, Vibes & Prayers

Every day I write my intentions in dry erase marker on my bedroom mirror. On one side I write personal intentions and the other I write intentions that impact others. On the weekend I only write things for others. Today I was thinking of how I love the energy in a room when people share a common intention. I thought we could create that same energy online. I’d like to open the conversation for you to share your prayer, good vibes, or hopes for the world. Please feel free to share your positive intention(s) for the world in the comments. I’ll start with a few currently on my list-

  • For every child to be loved, warm, safe, clothed and fed
  • For people to seek to connect with others and bond over our commonalities
  • That we live a life of service to others and leave this world better because we were part of it

I look forward to seeing the comments fill up with beautiful hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the world. Happy Sunday! ❤

16 Replies to “Intentions, Vibes & Prayers”

  1. This weekend we attended a community event fundraiser in which the proceeds will be given to two small children who lost their mother. This weekend my intention is for those two precious children to feel loved, secure and their mother’s presence at all times.

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    1. That sounds like a wonderful idea! Of course then that makes me think of biodegradable balloons so we don’t contaminate the planet but I love the idea. Maybe you could leave notes of kindness in public places where you live so strangers could unexpectedly find something to brighten their day? I love your intention, thanks for sharing Vishal. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend ❤


  2. I pray that everyone would have the assurance of emotional security—a sense of being loved, lovable, and sheltered.
    I pray that all animals would be respected and treated humanely.
    I pray that we each have the drive to stay true to the path that lights our way.
    Thanks for sharing, and giving us room to do the same 🙂


  3. For all to cut ties with that which is not serving them so they can fully step into their power and purpose.
    For all to realize the abundance, love, and wisdom they inherently hold.
    For all to express and receive the above in each and every way, so as to heal each other, humanity, and ultimately the Earth.

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