When You Don’t Have, Give!

I received a message while meditating a few months ago, the essence was “when you don’t have, give”. I sat on that for a while and reflected on what areas of my life that applied to. I’m at a really good place in my life overall but of course, there are areas that I feel could be more abundant at times.

Instead of looking at it from a perspective of lacking, I know I just need to put more time, energy and focus on those areas.

I decided there were three ways that I could apply this concept of giving what I want more of-

  • Time

  • Service

  • Money

Not only do I strive to give when I feel I could have more in that area, I want to give from a place of appreciation. It’s not that I don’t have money, it’s that having more of it could make my life more comfortable. But what’s the point of having more if I didn’t appreciate what I already have?  Instead of giving with the intention of it being matched or with expectation, I give out of thanks. Thankful that we have a steady paycheck coming into the home, thankful that we have a home to live in, thankful that we have food to eat, thankful that we are healthy, and I’m thankful for the freedom I have with my time. By the time I reframe and look at it from that perspective, I forgot I was even doing this because I felt there was a need or want for more in the first place!

Giving time can be in the form of volunteering. It can be done in an official way for an organization or in a less official but equally beneficial way. You can volunteer at your child’s school or have some of your child’s friends over to help them with homework. It can also mean you’re more intentional with your time. You could set time aside to spend with someone that needs it- a visit to a nursing home, neighbor, animal shelter, or a friend that is looking to connect. Time and service can go hand in hand. Maybe you offer your personal service by giving your time to an area near and dear to your heart. Maybe you offer your professional services to the community or those that need it but aren’t able to afford it. You could hold a small event once a month maybe even partner with others in your community to provide multiple services that compliment each other.

Giving money can be in the form of tithing (where you give 10% of what you earn to your house of worship). Personally, I don’t attend church but that doesn’t mean that I’m not spiritually fed. I watch a ton of podcasts, read books, and follow many people whose message nourishes my soul. I can send a payment to them directly or to a cause they support. I’m always on the lookout for ways to give back financially and there are plenty of opportunities. You can also set money aside to help those in need. Maybe you pull 10% of what you earn for the month and give it to someone you encounter who is in need. Maybe you invest it into basic necessities that those less fortunate need and donate it to a shelter or to the homeless near your community.

You can either give to the same places and causes every month, or you can mix it up. I mentioned earlier that I strive to give in areas that I want to increase or more accurately areas that I want to remind myself how grateful I am for what I already have. If I’m feeling especially grateful for my health, maybe donating blood would be a good form of giving back that month. If I’m thankful for my home, I’ll probably supply food to the homeless in my community. If I’m thankful for my children, I might provide a financial contribution to an organization helping children in war-torn countries. You get the idea.

Today, I’d like to call on my community to contribute to the cause of someone that nourishes my soul. His name is Preston Smiles. If you haven’t heard of him he’s an amazing individual that regularly posts videos on YouTube about living from a place of love. He’s a coach, motivational speaker, and author. Here’s one of his interviews I watched recently with Lewis Howes, another person that regularly feeds my soul. 


In this video, Preston delivers his call to action.  Watch the short video to see the cause he’s dedicated to supporting.

I love how involved he is and how he makes it personal by providing video and photos of the areas he visits and people he meets. If you’d like to join me in contributing to this, please visit here to donate whatever you can. If you are not in the United States, I encourage you to donate using TransferWise. That’s who I’m sending my contribution through. It’s much cheaper than PayPal and no fuss at the bank to send from a foreign currency to US Dollars. When you go to send the money, all you have to do is uncheck the box that says you know the banking details and this organization will be contacted to confirm and receive the funds.  Here’s a screenshot-

Screenshot 2016-09-26 at 9.36.11 AM.png

Are you already a tither of your finances? Do you tithe of your time and service in addition to your finances? What are your thoughts on tithing out of appreciation? How do you think tithing of your time and service will make you feel? What do you think it will do in your life? How do you think it will benefit and impact others? In what ways do you currently tithe? Do you have any organizations you’d like to highlight for others to contribute their time, service or finances to? Feel free to share in the comments!

10 Replies to “When You Don’t Have, Give!”

    1. Being of service is a wonderful trait to have. I hope that you integrate that into your life and start by taking care of yourself first. I know that givers tend to forget they have to tend to themselves to be able to give and care for others 😉 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ Giving is amazing because even when you do it without expectation it's really hard not to feel good about it. Not in a boastful way but in a warm way. We can all impact the world around us, some on larger scales than others but we create a ripple effect.


  1. Do you think that people give to you in the same way you give to them? Are there ways that people enrich your life that you might be overlooking? What do you think changed between 39 and 40? Do you think your age has anything to do with it?

    Personally the last thing on my mind when I read something is the writer’s age. I focus on the quality of their content, the words, the message…

    I have faith in humanity and that kindness is always multiplied and returned. If people don’t choose to be kind to me, it says more about them than me. Not everyone is in a place they are kind to themselves so I understand they are unable to be kind to others. I used to be that person so I try to be extra kind when it’s hardest because those people need it most ❤


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