Beta Readers & Blog Challenges

I’m deviating from my regular posting schedule as I have a lot going on and my brain isn’t capable of processing what lessons I’ve learned this past week.

In other news, I sent a copy of my manuscript out to my beta readers very late last night.

I’m so excited! One step closer to self-publishing my book. If you haven’t heard, I wrote a book detailing the process I used to overcome a 17 year battle with depression. My main intention is that the book find those that are open to its message so that it may assist them in their journey of healing and recovery. If we spoke at any point about you being a beta reader or hosting a stop on the blog tour, be sure to check your email because I sent you information. Look for an email from in case it’s stuck in your junk/spam folder.

I still have spots available for the blog hop. If you’d like to be part of it, send me an email ( I’m putting together a Linky List to ensure that visitors are exposed to all of the blogs that are supporting me in the endeavor to get the word out about my book.

Before I know it The Kindness Challenge will be here! We’re about 2 months away! Between doing the behind the scenes work on the blog hop tour, getting The Kindness Challenge posts together, participating in the A-Z Challenge, and my everyday life, those couple of months will fly by!

If you haven’t signed up for The Kindness Challenge, now’s as good a time as any! Check out the details below and click on the infographic to sign up. It just takes a few moments to type in your name and email address. Be sure to spread the word so we can have as many people focused on kindness as possible! It’s not just for bloggers so challenge your family, friends, and coworkers to join you!


I hope this week is off to a great start. Sending lots of love your way!

❤ Niki

7 Replies to “Beta Readers & Blog Challenges”

  1. Oh my gosh congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment! I would so love to read that book, as a depression battler/survivor myself.

    Totally following your blog right now. Can’t wait to follow you journey and read your wisdom & tips!!

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    1. Thank you so much 💖 It’s been such an amazing experience writing my first book. I couldn’t be more humbled to put something out into the world with the intention of helping as many people as possible. May it support you in your journey 🙏

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