For the better part of my life, I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. Today, I realized how grateful I am for being myself. For loving and embracing who I am, and feeling comfortable for being myself without doubts or apologizes. I still don’t quite fit in most of the time but I don’t feel self-conscious about it or notice it for the most part. I’m true to myself, speak my voice, and live my life in a way that’s in alignment with my values and lifestyle.

The more you express who you are, the more permission you give yourself to be who you are.

Today I’d like to encourage you to embrace yourself. Whether you’re quirky, have a different sense of humor, a unique sense of style, or enjoy different hobbies than those around you, I want to challenge you to do more of what feels good to you.

Do you feel comfortable being your authentic self no matter who you’re around? What are you grateful for today? Feel free to share in the comments. Happy Sunday ❤


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