Prepare For A Blizzard


This was floating around Facebook and I couldn’t agree with it more! Not only do I believe it’s our duty to speak up for the underdog and the voiceless, but I think it builds strength and shows your character when you’re able to stand up for others even when their struggle doesn’t directly affect you. We are living in a very divisive time where fear is being used to control and hate is being used to push agendas forward. 

Many that I know have been or will be impacted to some degree by the attitude of hatred and indifference that is becoming more common. My heart goes out to them but at the same time, I want to encourage you to keep your head up. Together we are strong and our voices will be heard. Don’t let yourself operate from a place of fear. Rise up, be courageous, and live from a place of love. We need all of the kindness, compassion, and love we can get.

Image source: unknown

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