How Social Media Impacts Your Blog


I’ll be the first to admit that social media wasn’t properly named, but there’s no denying the power of social media despite that! As a blogger, I’d be inclined to say the most social of the online platforms is blogging hands down. I’ll let my personal opinion and bias take a seat and share a couple of things I’ve noticed when I visit other blogs-

  • Not everyone has a social media account for their blog
  • Not everyone who has a social media for their blog has it connected

If you’re in the first group you might wonder, why would I want a social media account for my blog? I get it, besides my blog I had a personal Facebook page and a Pinterest account and that was enough for me. There are a few reasons why you should consider creating other social media accounts for your blog-

  • The rest of the world is on it! This is free blog exposure you’re missing out on! It doesn’t take much to set up a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for your blog and share that page with your friends. By having your friends and family like and follow, your blog will start to get exposure on other platforms!
  • The more places your blog can be found online, the more chances of increasing your audience! Not only that but the bigger your online presence the higher up you’ll be when people search things on the web because it gives your blog credibility. You’ll start to generate traffic by people searching keywords that direct them to your blog.
  • Social media gives your readers a chance to know more about you outside of your posts! Upload a quick picture on Instagram to give them a peek into your day or share a quick update about something that you won’t write a whole post about. Those who follow you love the opportunity to get to know you better on a personal level and that makes for great readership!

Tip: If you don’t have social media accounts you want to link to your blog, be sure you don’t have a social media menu (icons) visible on your blog! It looks silly to have the Twitter bird on your blog that just directs me to the Twitter homepage because you don’t have an account.

Then there’s the second point, those who have social media accounts but haven’t connected them to their blog! You’re doing yourself an injustice! Here are some reasons you want to consider connecting the other social media accounts to your blog-

  • You make it easier for your current audience to follow you on the platforms they hang out at most. A post might get missed in the WordPress Reader but they might catch it on their Facebook or Twitter feed.
  • It’s free publicity! You’re able to sync your accounts to your blog so they post across social media simultaneously. That means minimal no effort to increase the exposure of each post!
  • Not only can you share your posts but your readers can too! It makes it easier for them to share your post with their friends by clicking an icon. Not all bloggers like to reblog. Whether they keep up a posting schedule or they just don’t feel comfortable sharing other content on their blog. Make it easier not only for them to share but to redirect others to your social media directly by having it linked to your blog!
  • You get exposure to non-bloggers or bloggers that aren’t on the same platform as you.

So if you aren’t on other social media platforms and you want to increase your readership, you might want to start expanding your blog presence on the web! For some bloggers, time might be a deterrent. Whether it be the time to set up the accounts or the time to maintain them. If you put the initial investment in the time to set it up, the maintenance part is easy. You can either sync your social media to your blog and just let the posts be the updates or just pick one day a week to upload a picture, quote, or just update your status across all platforms. To make life easier, there are even ways to update across accounts simultaneously. Personally, I’m not using this option but I might consider it at some point. Here’s an article I found that might help if you’re interested in it.

For other bloggers, technology might be the culprit keeping you from expanding into cyber territory. When all else fails, Google! You can find a tutorial for just about anything! You can go to this page and click on the social media that you want to connect to your blog. You can add icons to your sidebar and even include live streams so that updates post to your blog in real time. Some tutorials have videos available, if you are a visual learner who prefers a video to step by step directions in a post, check out YouTube for tutorials. Creating an account with most sites is usually pretty simple, consisting of creating a username, password and entering your email address in most cases. If you need help, feel free to leave a comment, I’d be happy to help you or at least point you in the right direction!

Here are my social media accounts, I’d love to connect with you on other platforms if we aren’t already! Instagram is increasingly one of my favorite places to hang out although I admit Facebook is a close second!

Facebook       Instagram     Google+        Pinterest           Twitter

Are there any points I missed as to why a blogger would want to connect their social media to their blog? Are you already on social media for your blog? What social media accounts do you have? What social media platform generates the most visits to your blog? If you aren’t on other social media platforms, has this made you consider it? For those who are, share your social media details in the comments so you can connect with other bloggers! 

11 Replies to “How Social Media Impacts Your Blog”

  1. Hi Niki, As you know, I had an impossible task trying to connect my Twitter feed to my blog simply because I use an iPad. Twitter changed how they link up but all the support links on WP and Google haven’t caught up. You very kindly helped me out by accessing my Twitter ID number which I could not, and hey presto, it worked – for a few days! Then it just disappeared. Checked my admin dashboard, nothing had changed. In the end my techy daughter-in-law sorted it out from her laptop. Settng up a Facebook Page too was a challenge on the iPad. I can’t drag the cover pics to reposition them as dragging on an iPad screen just enlarges the photo. I also get the FB sidebar text covering my own text when typing a post which is annoying to say the least. Also, when I schedule simultaneous posts for blog, Twitter and FB, FB selects whatever photo it likes from the post or your Home page rather than the same one as your post on Twitter, so you can end up with a random photo of a blogger or a chosen video clip instead of the main photo in your post! I find it time-consuming coping with FB, having to check all is well with the post and then retyping or changing the photo, and the traffic flow is next to nothing. Twitter works better for me. Thanks for the tips as always! ☺️

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    1. I’m glad you were able to get that sorted out! I got the message when I was sick and when I looked into it it was back up and running. Yeah I only use my laptop for blogging purposes because I’ve run into a ton of problems trying to use my phone or tablet. That’s strange, do you have Facebook linked to your blog? I share my posts to Facebook and Twitter directly and it uses the same photo. Facebook is strange to me in the sense that I never really know what people see or what will get more traffic. I don’t have many followers but I do get quite a bit of views from Facebook…My pleasure, thanks for reading Chris!

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  2. You know the funny thing about this – I keep thinking about making a Facebook page for my blog, but I’ve lost so much interest in Facebook that I don’t know I can be bothered. Also I think it’s maintaining these pages and any likes and comments (if I get any).
    Social media is a great tool, and I’ve got my blog liked up to Google+ and Twitter, I just don’t want to drown in a sea of it lol

    How are you doing? Are you back home yet?

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    1. Yeah I lost interest in Facebook a while ago. Especially since blogging. Although I’m not as interested in it, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has lost interest and if there are people that I can connect with that will find interest in my blog, then I’ll continue to run the page. What fascinates me is how some posts will get more attention than others across social media. One post might get a ton of views on Facebook but not as many on the other platforms or something might get more traction on Twitter but not really go anywhere on any other social media site.

      I’m doing good, thanks for asking Simon! Noo not yet! I’ll be out here until September. My life coaching course goes until the end of August. How have you been?

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      1. It is! But I feel really good about it. I didn’t want to do some of the programs that I saw that you got certified in a weekend… it’s 4 hours twice a week for 3 months. I’m learning a lot of great tools that will benefit so many people. I’m really excited!


  3. I joined Twitter about a year ago for the sole reason of adding the feed to my blog’s sidebar — I just liked the way it looked! Then I was surprised how much I enjoyed Twitter overall. I think of it as reviewing headlines in a newspaper, choosing which articles to read. There’s some great stuff to be found, as well as entertaining comments.

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    1. hahahaha that’s so funny CJ! I think I just don’t understand it very well. I don’t know how to find stuff, I feel like everyone is talking and no one is listening… I need to watch a tutorial on it or have my 20 year old niece teach me how to use it… 😮

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