Divine Protection

I’m taking a quick break from creating a Reiki training manual for a course I’m teaching in a couple of weeks to write this. As I was preparing the manual I realized something. Growing up I always found myself picking up on energy however subtle. One thing I realized was how quickly I was able to pick up on negative energy and that a lot of negativity was drawn to me. It was something I didn’t understand and often felt guilty and confused about. I considered myself a good person and believed in light and love, why then would unwanted energy be drawn to me?

As I was writing the manual now, I just received the answer. Darkness is attracted to light. Imagine yourself in a dark stadium, even the smallest sliver of light is visible and you’ll likely find yourself gravitating towards it. I don’t fear the darkness because it’s not part of me and I’m not on that frequency. I have no reason to fear it because I’m Divinely protected. I have always called on the Divine for protection and it’s only now that I realize how Divinely protected I’ve been. Negative energy being drawn to me has never been about an unknown darkness within me but a light that shines so brightly other lights are attracted to it and darkness is drawn to it.

Today I’m more thankful than ever for Divine protection as I’ve received this sudden clarity. If you find darkness and negativity being attracted to you, I encourage you to protect yourself. Whether it be through prayer, meditation, crystals, or another method you feel comfortable using. Just because it’s attracted to your light, doesn’t mean you have to allow it in your presence. Now that this has been shared with you, you can continue on your journey of self-discovery to identify how you can call on Divine protection.

What are you grateful for? Feel free to share in the comments, you don’t know who you might encourage to look for something to be grateful for in their own life ❤ 

14 Replies to “Divine Protection”

  1. Fabulous post – I have always been able to read the energy in a room or pick up on an individuals vibe. I often feel drained when around negativity for too long too. I think this is because as a therapist I am trained to understand and be aware of others emotions and can be susceptible to transference. I have never entertained the idea that as ‘the light’ darkness is drawn to me and I think I need to develop a practise of protection 💛 Thankyou for your insights 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Nicky. I’m happy you got what you needed out of this post. I’d love to hear how incorporating a protection practice into your daily routine helps you. There are many forms of energy protection, I’m sure you’ll find what works for you. Personally, I envision myself in a spiritual bunker surrounded by my Divine team. I’m surrounded by all white and very bright light. Only the highest vibrations can come near me and anything less than love is unable to get near me much less penetrate it. I also use crystals and say a gratitude prayer of protection. Have a wonderful week ahead! ❤

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  2. Just stumbled upon your blog.. this is great. I often find myself attracting negative energy from others, which I’ve always found interesting considering I always try to only have positive energy. This makes so much sense! I personally am grateful for the fact that I always seem to be able to remain positive in situations that might suggest I behave otherwise.

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    1. It’s so funny, that topic was the farthest thing from my mind yet something sparked that thought and I sat on it for a moment. I waited for my Divine message and it was clear as day! It made so much sense to me when I looked at it that way. I encourage you to cleanse your energy, recharge yourself, and find an empowering protection practice. It should be one that makes you feel strong and warm and not one out of fear. I’m so glad that you have such a positive outlook, may you continue to do so. Sending lots of love and protection your way! ❤


  3. There’s a lot of negative energy around at the moment and I’ve always found it very debilitating – Someone showed me how to put up a shield years ago and when I remember to put it up it is very helpful and recently I’ve started keeping a crystal on me at all times (tucked into my bra) and my overall energy has been much better. Thanks for a very insightful post Niki.

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    1. Just as there is light there is darkness. It must not be feared or make us feel overwhelmed. We know it exists and simply need to take measures to protect ourselves. I started protecting myself years ago with a prayer (more like a plea) which then evolved into a shield and is now a beautiful spiritual bunker. It’s not a place of refuge or retreat, more like a palace in all white full of light and love where my Divine team is always watching over. I don’t find myself visualizing my bunker daily only when I feel lead. Most days I say a simple prayer of thanks for the protection my team provides. I have crystals in my home and often find I need to protect myself before roaming blogs. I like to uplift and encourage those that struggle with depression but I find the energy even from their blog to be so negative and overpowering at times that I have to go on my blog hunts protected because as an empath it can just be too draining. I’m glad you found this reminder to protect yourself. Be sure to cleanse and recharge your crystal as well as clear your own aura and energy. It’s good to have an energetic cleanse every now and then 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this post and hope you’re doing well ❤


  4. Thank you for this post, it’s given me some clarity about the people I seem to attract to my life. Can you please let me know how you learnt about protection, So I can research further about how to go around protecting myself too? Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

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    1. I guess I was first introduced to the concept as a child. I grew up in church but I find that most of my teachings were fear based. I was taught to pray for protection but almost out of fear of what would happen. In my adult life, I’ve just come up with my own practice. I use crystals that I have around my home for protection, I use a prayer of gratitude just thanking my Divine team for the protection they provide, and I also have a protection ritual I use when needed. If I feel I need some extra protection for any reason, I meditate, do my gratitude prayer, and then imagine myself in my spiritual bunker. It’s a place that I’m very guarded and protected. No unwanted energy or vibration can penetrate it. For me it’s like a bomb shelter that’s all white and beautiful. I imagine myself surrounded by my Divine team and just let myself feel the energy that washes over me as I imagine this Divinely protected space. I see that my Divine team surrounds me so that only what supports my highest good can reach me. In the beginning, I had to do that often but it’s been at least a year since I’ve gone to my spiritual bunker. These days charging my crystals and saying my gratitude prayer is enough. I also have a bracelet I wear to provide spiritual protection that just looks really boho and no one would know. I’m sure you’ll find some great resources online but I’d be happy to steer you in a direction I’ve explored-


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      1. Thank you so very much for the in-depth response. I am finding learning about protection and energies absolutely fascinating and mindblowing and I am loving the journey.

        I hope you don’t mind, but I referenced some of your blogpost in an Instagram upload and referenced it fully and credited it back to your blog. I hope that’s ok? I just thought it might help people, as it did me. If this is not ok please let me know and I’d be happy to remove.

        Thanks again!

        B x

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      2. My pleasure 💖 It’s such an amazing journey to be on 🙏 Thank you so much I appreciate it. Feel free to tag me (@niki.meadows) 💖


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