Naked In Front of the Mirror

That’s a vulnerable place to be and that’s considering my house looks like a beach with the amount of clothing we wear (or lack thereof). My kids strip down the moment they walk in the door and they get it from me. Yet while I’m comfortable roaming my house in my undergarments, I don’t see myself often. I’ve recently incorporated sitting naked in front of the mirror as part of my morning routine.Β 

You see, my mom recently found out about this device called a FasciaBlaster. After reading lots of testimonials and seeing before and after photos from hundreds of women, I decided to give it a try. I initially got it to relieve the pain caused by Endometriosis, get rid of cellulite, and help me be more consistent with exercising. I was very surprised how this would support me on my journey of self-love. You’re supposed to use it after exercising so after my morning yoga is the perfect time to blast.

As you have to blast with oil and direct skin contact, the easiest way to do it is naked. I have a big empty space in my room in front of a full-length mirror and figured that would be the perfect place to blast. I light a couple of candles, sit on the floor, and blast naked in front of the mirror while I listen to meditation music. A year ago, I would have sat in front of the mirror in the dim candle light and picked myself apart. Even in that soft lighting, all I would have seen were rolls, cellulite, and an inflated version of what my body used to look like. Now, I sit there letting my soul get lost in the words I don’t understand, getting carried away in the feeling that floods the room, thankful for my fully functioning healthy body. Sure it’s a little more full than it used to be, but it’s beautiful in a different way. I’ve learned to love my body and be grateful for it no matter what it looks like. It’s the home of my beautiful soul that resides within.


This is an amazing way to start my day. It’s an hour I spend with myself, infusing each area with love as I dedicate time to each muscle and limb of my body. A session I did this week was incredibly powerful after doing heart-centered yoga and stepping into my blasting session with an open heart in a place of complete self-love. My mantra was”I love”. If I got frustrated, aggravated, or felt anything less than love, I redirected my thoughts to the mantra and finished the sentence with something I love about myself.

Not only do I love this connection, session of self-nurturing, and time I dedicate to myself, I also love that I’m showing my daughter at such a young age to love herself through the example I set to love myself even when I’m not where I want to be or look how I used to. I love myself for who I am, and she knows nothing other than to do the same. She starts her day off with a gentle exercise of the mind, body, and soul. She’s carrying her mantra into her school day and showering herself with a healthy dose of self-love throughout the day. She practices her mantra whenever she gets overwhelmed at school or when classmates are less than kind.

Today I’d like to encourage you to find a way to start your day off with a healthy dose of self-love. Schedule time that you dedicate to yourself, to connect with yourself, and get the day off to a great start. Whether it be to read a book, listen to music, sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee with no television, social media, or other distractions, whatever it is that you can do to shower yourself with love, do it.

For information about the FasciaBlaster click here. I’m not affiliated or sponsored in any way. Just a new customer sharing my experience on my personal blog.

Do you regularly dedicate time to yourself? What do you do as part of your self-love routine? Feel free to share in the comments

23 Replies to “Naked In Front of the Mirror”

  1. I love the sound of that routine. I don’t think it’s a guy thing to blast myself but i can see the benefit of getting used to your naked self. I’m comfortable out of my clothes as well.
    You were brave putting up those pics of you… The tats are more visible too 😊

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    1. Thank you. I think it’s important to open up and talk about the things we struggle with and overcome because that’s how we heal and help others do the same πŸ’– May you find your path to self-acceptance and love πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  2. So beautiful, Niki ….your words and that you are comfortable in your own skin. What a wonderful gift you are giving your daughter, too. My gift to myself is to sit and meditate every morning after I have my coffee and journal. I enjoy listening to music and sometimes do yoga too. It depends on my mood. 😊✨

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    1. I’m glad you find it inspiring. I love opening myself up and sharing those uncomfortable things that many feel and struggle with and society generally ignores or paints a different picture of. Just keeping it real πŸ’– Thank you, I appreciate your kind words πŸ’–

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