Thank You & Welcome!

Welcome participants! Thank you for your commitment to raising the tide! We can never have too much kindness in the world. I’m looking forward to all of the amazing things that will come of having so many people focus on increasing and cultivating kindness for seven weeks. I’m excited to have so many bloggers new to this community join the challenge! So glad you’ve found your way here!

If you haven’t heard of the Kindness Challenge, you can find details at the end of this post along with the link to sign up.

Recent participants listed in the order they signed up-


Be sure to save your participation badge! Display it on your sidebar, profile photo, or on social media to raise awareness for the challenge and encourage others to commit to raising the tide!

If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the perfect opportunity! It will only take a minute give or take how long it takes you to type your name and email address 😉 Click the image below to be redirected to the sign up site!


19 Replies to “Thank You & Welcome!”

  1. Hey, I’m glad to participate, but could you change my name Myriam De Neve into That’s my bloggers name. I have to look how I can put the picture in my sidebar

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  2. Been a while, but I’m still banging your drum Niki 😊 Here’s a thought too….once it’s going bang up everyone’s Twitter handle and do a post kindness challenge hop. That way we can all link up with all the new people we are destined to meet! Just a thought. Hope alls well x

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    1. Hi Gary! Hope all is well! I think I’m going to do it similar to the A-Z Challenge where I ask participants to visit 2 blogs before them and 2 after them on the sign up list since everyone is linked up on there. I had to be more proactive this year because last year way more people signed up than I expected. Not everyone is on Twitter but we’ll definitely get something going to make it interactive . Thank you for continuing to spread the word. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Ooh, I was considering the A to Z this year…did you just say you manage that too??? I keep reading it and it seems to say you are…if so kudos strikes again!! The NaNo hop covered several social media site that people could put their stuff on…a Google document as I recall. People could then link up on whatever social media platform they wanted to. I’m sure something can be contrived easily enough. My pleasure too. I’m continually being asked about it 😊

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      2. Noooo sorry I meant I was going to do it in a similar manner to the A-Z. They have you check out the blogs before and after you. I merely participate, last year was the first and I’m excited to give it a try again this year. I’d be happy for you to facilitate that. I’m at my limit so I’d be happy to have a team member ❤

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      3. Ha ha….I was going to say have you found a way of extending time or pinched Hermiones time turner!! I agreed last year to do the A to Z with my friend at Aurawithwriting. If you’re doing it too then brilliant! The challenge is up on Facebook for 2017 now too. I think helping that hop idea might well be good for me too. I need to develop that skill because it’s in my area so to speak. I’m also part of a few blogging groups that are brilliant communities… I’m going to link in your challenge next time they run a blog hop too!

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      4. No need to thank, it’s a wondeful challenge and for some it will be an excellent way to look at how they think and maybe even changed lifestyles too. Or, at the very least, make them examine how they feel and help move sad minds forwards. We all need reminders now and then in my opinion 💖

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      5. Oddly I’m having a conversation. On another blog about people avoiding going to see someone who’s terminally ill and the impacts on everybodies mindsets….including the reasons why people often void visiting. Not sure why that’s relevant here, but it sprang to mind when you said “wonderful impact.” Word association in action. It is humbling to observe too….more so if you’ve gone through it because then it’s not just words from a positivity course or article. It’s real, you know and understand how hard it can be to elevate from a bad place. X

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      6. Exactly, this is putting it into practice. I’m very excited to see the journey people will go on this year. I was moved to tears several times last year reading the weekly reflections. May this uplift, heal, and encourage many ❤

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      7. I think the subject is apt to do that. Often people find it hard to communicate feelings and this challenge provides somewhere to do it if that’s the direction a participant wants to. How many are actually signed up now?

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      8. That’s pretty impressive at this stage for sure. I’ll did the link to that blogging group this weekend when the next blog share gets hosted. Most will probably drop it on Twitter too.

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      9. So you should. It validates your own journey and all the hard work you put into blogging, your book and work. Anyone taking a positive message away demonstrates your message is being reached x

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