Impact of Parenting

My husband and I were having a conversation the other day about parenting and the role we play in our kids’ lives. We have two girls and I told him that I always looked up to my mom growing up but that I didn’t appreciate her the way I do now until I became a mom myself. I told him how important he is in our girls’ lives. That he’s the standard by which they will measure men. The dynamic of our relationship sets the sense of normal for them. 

As a young girl that grew into a woman, I think the relationship with your father is incredibly important. His role has a profound impact on their teenage years and early womanhood (not that mine as the mother doesn’t). I just think that my girls won’t see my role in the same way until they are older. When they are married and have kids of their own they’ll be able to see all of the work it takes for the house to run smoothly. From the way I get up in the morning and set the tone for everyone’s day, to the mundane things I do that go unnoticed, to juggling everyone’s needs, and the sacrifices made.

The role of each parent is incredibly important in its own way. I honor anyone that has to take on both roles on their own. You are incredibly strong and have such an important calling on your life. As a parent, your actions and words carry such influence in the lives of your children. I wish you the strength, patience, understanding, love, and support you need to do the job to the best of your ability.

What are your thoughts on the role each parent plays in a child’s life? Do you see your parents differently now that you are an adult/parent? Feel free to share in the comments. 

6 Replies to “Impact of Parenting”

  1. The most important thing for me to have is the love of a parent. Unconditional. So it makes you feel safe to grow up, to learn and….to fail. I had no much unconditional love from my mother. There was love, but conditional, as I felt like a child. However my father was the real loving parent, I needed my mommy to tell me the way I felt was right, the way I did was right, being a girl. I still miss it, even when parenting myself… being an adult of 45 years old.
    Thank you for you insightful log. Really appreciate it. Have a nice day!

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    1. I agree, unconditional love is so important. It’s something my girls know well. There’s nothing they can do or say to change my love for them. My husband and I are very dedicated to our open honest relationship with them. I never want them to feel like they have to impress us, can’t be themselves, or have to hide anything from us. I hope you’re able to shower your own kids with the unconditional love you crave and you show that same love to yourself 💖💖 thank you for your bravery to open up and share your story. 🙏

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  2. Wow, you sound like a Mom. (lol). I can add nothing to what you’ve already said, except that I never had the privilege of having an influential dad in my life, although I had a dad in the house when until I was grown, he wasn’t influential in helping me measure other men by. As a result I blew it the first time.(my fault, not his). But, now, thanks be to God, after almost 31 years of marriage and 3 daughters who are true daddy’s girls and quote and love him, I am glad. Thanks for this post.

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    1. Sometimes we don’t have dad’s that set the standard for what we want but for what we don’t want. I’m so glad you’ve found a partner who’s able to be the dad you want for your girls ❤ Thanks for sharing ❤

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