Timely Manifestations

Today I’m not only grateful but amazed by the speed at which two things have come into my life. Right before we rung in the New Year, my husband and I sat down and put our intentions down for 2017. One of mine was to land a photography opportunity as an assistant or second shooter. I reached out to an international photographer that mentioned he was going to be in my area. I asked if I could be his assistant and he said yes! That was 13 days into 2017. I already had one of my biggest photography business goals booked for this year!

One thing my husband and I had down for a joint intention was to purchase a vehicle. We wanted something more spacious, with payments that wouldn’t overstretch us, and that would be a good reliable family vehicle. Not even 1 month into 2017 and we were presented with an unexpected opportunity. A neighbor and friend of mine told me she had sold her vehicle to purchase a newer one. I was very happy for her and told her I couldn’t wait to see it! She had no idea we were looking for a vehicle and we had no idea they were selling theirs. The day after they were supposed to deliver their vehicle to the new owners I ran into her. She was going to catch the bus to work and I told her my husband was headed the same way and would be happy to take her.

On the drive, she told my husband that the deal didn’t work out. I thought she had sold it to someone but they were trading it in. They misunderstood the trade in value and the dealership didn’t explain the terms until they went to drop off the vehicle. They didn’t like the terms and decided to keep it to sell on their own. My husband told her we’d be interested and came home to tell me about it. We took it for a test drive last night, and were in love with it! It’s perfect for my husband’s work as well as a family vehicle. We had added a photo of our dream vehicle to our vision board but our main intentions were that it be a reliable vehicle, seat at least 7 passengers, and not be a financial burden. This is the perfect fit for our family!

The most recent manifestation happened in a very unexpected way. I went to a little studio to have some energy work done on Friday. I browsed as I waited for my appointment and some gorgeous pendulums caught my eye. There was one, in particular, that was just stunning. I’ll let you see for yourself what happened when I stopped to look at some books nearby.

I thought I was drawn to it because of its beautiful color and because it was the only one that wasn’t amethyst. I’d never had something like that happen to me so I took a video to send to show my husband and send to my mom. I didn’t end up purchasing it as I got a selenite crystal for my distance Reiki grid instead. As I told my mom, if it was meant for me it would find its way into my life. Maybe it would be there the next time I went to the store. I went into my session and didn’t put any more thought into the pendulum. A friend of mine had a session a couple of appointments after mine. We talked as we waited for her’s and I showed her the video. She was amazed by it as well and couldn’t believe I didn’t buy it. We got to talking about other things and I left when it was time for her session to start.

The next day, she sent me a message to drop off a certificate for a course we completed. I wasn’t too bothered to have it but she was on her way so I told her I’d run out and grab it. She was all excited and it seemed a little odd she’d be that happy to give me something she knew I wasn’t thrilled to get (the course was a disaster). In fact, when she got my certificate a few weeks ago, she decided to leave it in her car so she’d have it on hand the next time we ran into each other. As she went to get in her car, a sudden gust of wind blew it out of her hand. She couldn’t believe that out of everything she had that was the only thing that flew away. She and her husband ran after it as it blew further and further away eventually getting ran over by a car and getting stuck in a tree. Her husband was able to fetch it out of the tree and she delivered the beat up certificate to me last night. I told her it was a sign and she should have just let it blow away.

After she handed me the certificate, she gave me a small paper bag. She told me she had gotten me a little surprise. I had no idea what it was and I wasn’t expecting anything at all. As I unwrapped the paper I knew what it was as soon as I saw the bubble wrapped item. I couldn’t believe the pendulum had found its way to me! I was so thankful that she would be so thoughtful and so excited that the Divine works the way it does.


How beautiful is that?

What are you grateful for today? Feel free to share in the comments!

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25 Replies to “Timely Manifestations”

  1. Wow this all sounds so amazing. I’m thankful that my dad has a chance to get a new job. He MAY be getting an interview later this week. Fingers crossed!

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  2. At the end of 2016 you told me you had a feeling 2017 had great things in store for you and your family… little did we know it would all start manifesting so quickly. I am delighted for you and your family! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds β˜ΊπŸ˜‡

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