What A Day!

Oh, don’t let this little face fool you! The second one is a more accurate representation of her mischevious ways! ❤

So I was feeling extra motivated today having sent my book off for editing. I decided to be unusually diligent with my house tending and give the house a heavy dose of TLC to make up for my time being dedicated to writing. I had the kitchen cleaned, a load of laundry done, another in the wash and saw the balcony could use a good scrub. I swept it and had a bucket of soap and water to clean the sliding doors and just as I was finishing up and ready to go inside… I hear the sliding door slam followed swiftly by a click. 

I turned around and my 2-year-old stood on the other side of the locked sliding door. For half an hour I tried to get her to unlock it. Unfortunately, that’s much more difficult than locking it. She could barely reach the lever and it takes a lot more strength to push it up than pull it down. I tried to come up with clever ideas but they just as quickly fizzled. For example, I had her grab my phone only to remember she can’t unlock it (a genius idea I came up with so she didn’t send random jibberish messages or rearrange all of my apps- not so smart of me now!).

I called to my neighbor who as it turned out wasn’t home. After about half an hour an elderly lady walked by and I called to her for help. I explained what was going on and asked if she had a phone (what do you know, she didn’t). I asked her to buzz one of my neighbors but she was much more delighted to have someone to talk to and wanted to now how my toddler got the idea. She couldn’t be bothered to walk around the corner and ring my neighbor’s doorbell so I called out to her at the top of my lungs. She wasn’t home but her nieces are visiting and heard me in their deep slumber.

They came out to the balcony half awake and I was relieved to have help. Except I was still stuck on the second story balcony with no way down and no way into my house. Of course, the obvious thing to do was call my husband. I guess it would help if we were back in 1990 when everyone memorized every phone number they knew but as it happens it’s 2017 and I don’t even have to see a phone number. In fact, when my phone is left unblocked my 2-year-old that locked me on the balcony can dial because all she has to do is scroll through my contacts list and tap the screen with her chubby little finger on the picture of her dad.

I grasped at straws and tried with everything in me to remember my husband’s phone number. I rattled off some numbers really thinking I was making them up. The sound of my husband’s voice never sounded so good! By this point, I had been stuck out there for an hour. My toddler was increasingly upset that I couldn’t magically open the door from the outside and come in. She was ready for a nap, left my room, walked across the hall, and stared me down as she slammed her bedroom door effectively locking her inside her room.

Well, at least I knew where she was and she was in the safest room in the house. All of the furniture is bolted to the wall, no sharp objects, and no crayons left out (hey I just redid their entire room!). I figured she’d probably just fall asleep on the floor as we both waited for my husband to get home and get us out. He arrived an hour and a half after my toddler locked me out. By that point the balcony was really clean, the plants watered, and half of my body was two shades darker than the other because you can only stand sideways on that ridiculous excuse for a balcony. I was laughing so hard I was crying. My toddler was just flat out crying. My husband couldn’t believe the situation and was cracking up. Now I have lots of things I started around the house and don’t feel like finishing any of them. My daughter was stuck to me like an Orangutan for the first hour and now she’s back to being the tornado she usually is and I need a nap!

11 Replies to “What A Day!”

    1. Tell me about it! I couldn’t believe it! 2 years old?? No way I expected that. I couldn’t stop laughing partly because there wasn’t much I could do but remain calm and also because I didn’t want her to get scared or worked up.

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    1. Right! I had to just embrace it, keep calm, and find the best way out of the situation. As long as she was safe that was my top priority and beyond that I just had to laugh. She told me she wasn’t touching that door anymore 😅 I’ll take precautions just in case… 😉

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