The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

-Pablo Picasso

Life is so beautiful when you embrace who you are, and build your life around that. You don’t have to look hard and you don’t have to search far. We are all born with gifts that we are meant to share with the world. It’s always those things that come naturally to you and often times it’s what you enjoy doing most. If you aren’t sure what it is, I suggest tuning into the things that catch your attention. Be open to discovering what your gifts are without associating it with a “traditional” job. These days pretty much anything can be a business. If you aren’t looking to start your own business, you can probably find ways to incorporate your gifts into your current job or on your own time. Make some time in your life to develop and share your gifts.

Do you know what your gifts are? Are you using them? Feel free to share in the comments!

8 Replies to “The Meaning of Life”

    1. This is true, and up until 4 years ago I was one of those people. It wasn’t until I changed my perspective that I was able to see the beauty I was overlooking and learn the lessons from my downs until there were more ups and less downs. While on that journey, I discovered my purpose. A lot of times our purpose is closer than we think. May you have all you need to support you on your journey 💖


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