Small Steps->Big Things!

I’m not going to lie, I’m beyond excited! As you might know, I’ve been reaching out to local photographers to see if I can land an opportunity as an assistant or second shooter. As a beginner, the only thing I have going for me is that I’m bilingual so I try to wedge my foot in the door with that. I’ve asked several photographers and have received a gentle no from one, great advice from another, and no response from the rest. Until today! A photographer from the UK has his 2017 calendar booked with 42 weddings and was seeking out someone from 4 different countries to help out. I jumped on it and he got back to me within minutes with the date he’d be in town and was happy to have me as his bilingual assistant for the wedding he’s shooting!

It might be nothing or it could mean everything, who knows? All I know is that I’m chasing the signs and they’re leading exactly where I want to go. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone as talented as this photographer. I’ve seen his work in several groups that I’m in and have admired it. I never expected to get such an opportunity and it’s so exciting! I can’t help but be excited for him as well to have his entire year booked solid just shy of two weeks into 2017.

This is already turning out to be a great year. I have my intentions clearly outlined, my goals defined, an understanding of the little steps I need to take every day. Things don’t happen overnight. It’s the small steps you take in the right direction each day that lead to the bigger vision. I know it’s exhausting, I know it’s a lot of work, I know it can seem like you aren’t making progress, but I promise if you keep moving forward you’ll be closer than you were the day before. Wishing you the strength, clarity, and perseverance to take the small steps each day.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Tao Tzu

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26 Replies to “Small Steps->Big Things!”

    1. Thank you. So much has gone on since this post. Whether this opportunity turns out to be my big break or not, I have several other opportunities I’ve been pursuing. Where they lead I don’t yet know but I’m having a wonderful time chasing my dreams and working hard to make things happen. Happy Monday โค


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