Village, Encouragement & Support

I’ve recently joined a group of photographers that share my personal goal to take a photo every day. The group I’m in happens to be all women and it’s no coincidence. While we’re in the group to encourage and support each other to complete the challenge of taking photos every day no matter what, it’s turned into more than that. We are uplifting each other when one of us has a bad day, we are encouraging one another in hard times, and we are revealing intimate details about ourselves through our images that are being received with support.

It’s such an amazing feeling to interact with a group of women who are there to support and encourage one another. When I joined I thought it would be a quick like of a photo, I wasn’t anticipating the amazing level of support that I see. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I’ve also realized that village isn’t just for the benefit of the child. I want to encourage you to find a group to be a part of. If you already have a good support system, maybe you will be able to offer that to someone that doesn’t already have it. Maybe you will find yourself surrounded by more positive and encouraging people. Maybe you’ll find a group that inspires you and keeps you on your toes. A group that challenges you to be better, do better.

I’m very thankful for this group of women I met just a week ago online. I’ve gotten to know things about them through their work. What is special to them, what they enjoy, sometimes even what they struggle with. It’s real life so it’s messy and beautiful at the same time. At the end of the day, we are a group of women sharing what we love and encouraging each other to keep going. I know this isn’t my typical parenting post but I felt compelled to share it because I think someone out there might need to hear this. If you’re interested in joining a similar group for motivation and encouragement let me know and I can get one together.

What are your thoughts on this post? Did you need to hear this today? Would you be interested in an encouragement group? Share in the comments! Happy Monday ❤ 

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