Kindness Challenge Warm-Up | Week 1

If you don’t know by now, the sign-up is open for the 2017 Kindness Challenge taking place in May. Some of you are just as eager as I am to get started. While the date won’t be changing I thought it would be fun to warm-up for the challenge by focusing on kindness together in the months leading up to the challenge.

Click here to sign up for the Kindness challenge if you haven’t already!

An Instagram account caught my attention that has 100 random acts of kindness prompts. I signed up for us to compete as a group (no official sign-up required). Keep an eye out for the prompts for the week that I’ll post every Sunday. We’ll aim for one act a day which will put us just a couple of weeks from when the 2017 Kindness Challenge starts. Let’s do our part to raise the tide in 2017! ❤

Here are this week’s prompts-

Kindness ChallengeWarm Up.pngPrompt credit

Feel free to use the following tags on social media to spread the virtual kindness- #kindnessninja #revofkindness #randomactsofkindness #payitforward

Are you going to participate this week! Let me know in the comments! ❤

12 Replies to “Kindness Challenge Warm-Up | Week 1”

  1. Random hug to an ill friend yesterday…I think that might count…and I always hold doors open now for anyone behind me or struggling with bags, mobility devices or just because. Costs nothing and simple thank you and smiles is rich return. Sorry for such a long absence of late Niki….also sent you a message on FB X

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    1. None of that surprises me knowing you Gary. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Who knows when the last time they had a stranger do something nice for no reason. Thanks for the message, not sure why I didn’t see the Twitter notifications…

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      1. I think the surprise re me is not applying self kindness enough. I realised that in the last challenge so might focus more on that in this one. It’s important I reinforce it in me as well as in others. I think that’s one of the root causes low mood and depression can start growing from if it’s ignored too long. Little things cost nothing at all… Some stuff I do is bordering on “OCD kindness”…and yes, I have a reason for tagging it like that lol

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      2. Self kindness is so important. It’s the foundation of the challenge because we have to take care of ourselves properly before we can do so to the capacity we want to with others. You can practice being mindful of your needs now that way by the time the challenge starts you’ll have lots of practice in 💖💖

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      3. Yes, I took that of the course I did. It just amazes me when some people think putting your own needs ahead of theirs is somehow selfish…I can’t see the link their at all. My view is if you can’t be kind to yourself and are kind outwards ahead of that then the mental balance will sooner or later tip negatively. I’ve actually started random kindness whilst out this year too. Some may seem silly, but if it helps someone out then all good in my humble opinion 💖

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      4. For me personally I saw it as selfish because I wasn’t taking care of myself properly. Now that I realize the importance of taking care of myself,, it doesn’t seem selfish for me or someone else to nurture their needs, it’s a necessity!!

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      5. That’s the rub though. At the time it rational thinking is null and void. It’s only later the clarity comes in. I think healing really starts once you realise the old mantra order of perspective. My needs, everybody else’s needs, my wants, everybody else’s wants. If you sort out your own needs then that leads to better self care and kindness…sort that and you’re (my opinion) in a far better place to be kinder everywhere else. That, I feel, is where people begin to see who you really are. Self kindness is, as you say, a necessity for balance !

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  2. I always smile at people as I go by, and I get so bothered by folks who do not smile back. I mean a smile is like a contagion, a yawn…It should spur an immediate spontaneous smile in us all. Add that to the butterfly affect, and well, we all get a little happier… 🙂

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    1. It used to bother me too but I’ve realized it says more about them than me. It no longer bothers me but makes me feel sad for them. How bad must things be that they can’t give away something as innocent and free as a smile? Keep smiling and let your light warm them, for the ones that don’t smile need it the most ❤


  3. I found the one about leaving your favorite book in a public place, with a note to the new owner..made me pause, had a catch in my throat…amusing…
    Being honest..I love books…everything about them…they are my escape and they have been my friend for many years…helped me stay..with a very difficult life..
    And then I thought..oh wow, if books can do that for me, I bet they can do that for someone else…and I am going to do that today…because I know there is someone out there who needs to feel a moment or two of peace, who has struggled like I did and do..Give them a space in time of sanctuary.
    I thought..what book? And my all time favorite and will always be..because it changed the direction of my life is..A Wrinkle in Time..

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. I can relate to your love for books. I fell in love with books at a very young age and have always thought it peculiar how I can get so attached and invested in fictional characters yet it still happens to this day. Nothing better than a great book to curl up with on a cloudy gray day. I’m sure the lucky recipient will be delighted by such a thoughtful and unexpected kindness. I hope it also brings you great joy knowing your old friend can do for someone else what it has done for you ❤ So lovely to meet you.


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